A Snowy Saturday in Lynchburg, VA


Micah and I had quite the week, y'all. The days were slow as heck but the weekend appeared quickly and we knew that it was about time for a girls day. If you're a new reader, Micah is my best friend and soul sister. We cry, laugh, sing, and dance together, sometimes all on the same day. Bottom line, she's a blessing.

So, Friday morning we got a pretty dusting of snow here in Virgina and it got everyone in the Christmas spirit. We had our hall formal on Friday night and by Saturday morning, coffee and brunch were necessary. So many people have been raving about this little place in downtown Lynchburg called My Dog Duke's Diner, and we knew we had to check it out. Whenever something new pops up in this area my heart skips a beat. We always need a little excitement here in the 'burg. 


Micah and I both ordered cappuccinos, and breakfast sandwiches. Then exchanged Christmas gifts while we waited for our meals. One of my all-time favorite things in this world are PJ sets, so Micah got us both matching Christmas PJs. I can't explain how happy this made my heart. She also gave me the prettiest tassel keychain and a set of coasters that I pointed out at Target a while ago. Too cute-- she knows me so well. 

After brunch, we went out to grab some photos in the snow because who knows when or if we'll get more. Micah's from Minnesota, so she was definitely amused by how excited I was about the weather. It was just so pretty here in Lynchburg, y'all!