My Favorite Day in Normandy || A Recap


A few weeks ago I got a call from one of my favorite families to babysit for. They asked me to join them on their trip to Normandy for a huge family reunion that occurs every 5 years and help them out with the kids. It was the trip of a lifetime, and I thought I'd document the trip right here on Making Joy and Bliss. Did I mention we flew private?

On our final afternoon in Normandy, I had a few hour break from the kiddos and wandered down to the seaport about a mile from our hotel. It was incredible and felt like a dream. I shopped around for a while and picked up a few things to take back home to my family. I grabbed some chocolate bars, some delicious tea, caramel, and other goodies.  

My favorite part of this day, however, is what I saw when passing a little place called Marie-Rose. If you know me well, you will understand the importance of cotton candy in my life. I'm obsessed with it. I had it at my graduation party, I grab it at every single sports game that I go to, and sometimes I even get the cheap bagged version at a candy store. The cotton candy at Marie-Rose blew my mind. I'll just let the photo show you what was up --> 

The effects of this treat consisted of my cheeks hurting the rest of the afternoon from smiling. Now this, my friends, is how cotton candy should be served. 

I also ended up going on an impromptu hike and the views were spectacular. I have never seen such plush grass and such blue skies. Simply incredible. God is so good.

It still feels unreal that I traveled all the way to Normandy. There was so much history there and being in rural France really had me wishing I took French instead of Spanish. Does anyone want to sponsor a trip to Spain for me so I can brush up on my skills? 

Hope you enjoyed! xoxo