Photographer Turned Family || A Tribute to Christy Hassell

In November of 2015, prime senior photo shoot time was approaching. My mom wanted to get pictures of me but we had no idea where to start when it came to finding a photographer to do them. We just wanted some low-key, relaxed photos of me in my element. We asked one of our neighbors who are more like family if she had any recommendations and sure enough she did (thanks Mrs. May!) She told us she had a family friend, Christy Hassell who had a photography business who took all of their family photos. We looked through her Facebook page (which you can check out here) and we immediately emailed her.

Soon enough, we were at the local park taking photos with her. Christy, my mom, and I really hit it off. We talked and laughed the entire time, mainly about how awkward I felt taking pictures in front of strangers in a park that I grew up playing in. After the photos of just me, we headed back to my house to take some family photos. Then we all hung out in the kitchen just getting to know Christy and it was a blast. We got the photos back in the next couple days, and then before I knew it Christy was documenting almost every single event of my senior year. 

Not only is Christy wonderful with her camera, but she is one of the most incredible humans I have ever met. She's strong, courageous, sassy and hilarious. She's kind and loving towards everyone she meets. She's easy to talk to and opens my eyes to the most wonderful ideas. She listens to me go on and on and on about what's happening in my life with zero complaints. Not a single moment goes by where I'm not laughing when I'm with Christy. It's so crazy to me how God brings people into your life when you least expect it because I never expected to have Christy be such an important person to me. She reminds me of my worth and makes me recognize what true beauty is. She helps me grow closer to God in some way every time we see each other. Bottom line, she's 

Christy has taken photos for all kinds of events. She was there for almost every single event over the course of my senior year of high school. She photographed my graduation party, she did a shoot of my grandparents for their anniversary when they came to town, and does updated family photos often. She can make any setting look incredible and even gets the dogs involved! With senior photo season approaching, keep Christy in mind if you're from the DMV! Trust me, she's the one for the job! AND, let me know if she takes photos for you! 

If you like what you see, and are interested in Christy taking photos for you, "like" and message her on her Facebook page, Christy Hassell Takes Pictures