A Quick Weekend at Home: Reese's Freshman Homecoming


I went home this past weekend to help my mom host the pre-party for Reese’s freshman homecoming as well as do Reese’s hair and make-up. I can’t believe she’s in high school. It’s safe to say that there were a few tears from me the day of. I wanted to share a few pics with y’all and some of the decor! I keep on saying my mom is superwoman because I really don’t know how she does it all. There were THIRTY-EIGHT 14-year olds and their parents at my house.


Reese’s school colors are red, silver, and white, so you see what we were going after with all the red in the house! I personally loved doing all the deserts. Decorating cookies is so relaxing and I was kinda bummed when I went to go eat one after the party and they were all gone ha! I guess it means they were yummy!

In my mind, it’s not a celebration unless there are balloons, so of course we grabbed 3 dozen. My mom threw red bows on everything which was so adorable. White pumpkins with bows are just too cute for me to handle.

As for how we served drinks, I love the mason jar dispensers. My mom and I laugh now because we grabbed these for my graduation party 3 years ago and really contemplated buying them. We thought they’d be a pain to store, and that we’d never use the dang things again. Boy, were we wrong! They’re always a hit. We’ve lent them to neighbors for baby showers, had them out for summer gatherings, and now for the homecoming celebration. And considering the fact that Reese is the social butterfly of our family, I’m sure they’ll get even more use in the future. I can’t find the exact ones, but I will post similar options!

Decor details: Drink dispensers