Apartment Tour 2018


Well, it is about dang time I get this blog post up. I hear from y’all almost every day asking to see my apartment. Probably because I can’t stop posting little snippets of it all over my instagram. I think I have been putting this post off because of the amount of things I am going to need to link for you, but I’m going to do it because I’m hashtag dedicated ;) I gotta get it up while my place is in its normal state before Christmas explodes in a few days. Yes, I’m a “decorate on November 1” kind of girl.

I furnished this apartment with my own moolah, so I was really conscious of what I was spending my money on. I had to remind myself over and over again that it is only my first place. I didn’t need to have the best of the best for everything, and that IKEA is 100% the move. As much as I wanted to buy everything from somewhere boujee like Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters Home, this gal just didn’t have $100 for a single lamp. Ya hear me?

I am going to do a separate post on how I got organized in a small space, and how I feel about the pieces that I picked up now that I’ve been living with them for 3 months, but for now I’m just giving a cutesy overview.


Living Room & Kitchen

Amazon was my BFF when furnishing the living room. I really just put together different pieces at the cheapest price to get the look that I wanted. One of my favorite finds, thanks to my momma was the stainless steel island to add some more space to work in the kitchen. All of the pillows and blankets are from Home Goods or TJ Maxx so I can’t link them, but that’s one of my favorite things about shopping at those two places: everything is super unique so it won’t look like you just picked out 14 pillows from Target at once.

Couch | Grey Shelves | Dining Table | Chairs | Coffee Table | Rug | Stainless Steel Island | Trash Can | Rolling TV Stand | Palm Tree | Side Tables



I’m just going to rave about the mattress that I have right now. My mom grabbed it for me off of the lovely Amazon and it is the most wonderful thing that I have slept on. It was one of those “bed in a box” situations and I cannot say enough wonderful things about it.

Bed | Bedside Cart | Desk | Printer Cart | Clothing rack | Rug | Full-length Mirror | Pink Chair | End of bed duvet



One of my favorite parts of this apartment. I adore walking into my place every day and seeing this set up. The cubes give extra storage (a must for me). All the cute things on the storage piece are from Home Goods so I can’t link them, again. I adore this mirror, too. It’s perfect for selfies when I’m running out the door.

6 Cube Storage | Cube Drawers | Round Mirror