Where I’ve Been || An Update


Y'all, it has been an embarrassingly long time since I've posted anything on this wonderful space of mine. To say that the past 8 weeks have been crazy would be a major understatement. I've been running around campus like a chicken with its head cut off. I absolutely hate glorifying stress and anxiety, so this isn't a post where I'm just going to complain about everything that was overwhelming me. Instead, I'm just going to highlight my favorite moments from the past several weeks so that I can update y'all and remind myself of all the beautiful things that came of this semester.

Student Teaching Practicums

As many of y’all know, I’m studying special education at Liberty University. Beginning sophomore year, things start to get a little nutty. Along with taking 18 credits, I have student teaching practicums twice a week. For one of them, I go in the early mornings, and then another is SOL (Virginia’s standardized tests) tutoring with 5th graders. While I adore getting in the classrooms, all of that on top of my regular workload, and being on the leadership team at LU keeps me on my toes!! 

I became an RA!

Micah decorated my room while I was gone so we could celebrate. She's the cutest.

Micah decorated my room while I was gone so we could celebrate. She's the cutest.

Honestly, this is what took up the majority of my time and thoughts this semester. I've been going through the Resident Assistant hiring process since November of this year. Between the written application, the interviews, experience week, signing contracts, telling my parents, and figuring out placement on campus, it's been quite the whirlwind. This has been just another one of the times that I've seen the Lord's faithfulness and gentle hand. He took care of me through the whole process and showed me His love in so many different ways. He brought new people in my life that were completely unexpected, and also closed doors that I was holding on tightly to. Luckily, the Lord never closes a door without opening another one that is even better and that has been in His plan all along.

Charlottesville with one of my most treasured friends.


I think one of my favorite weekends was when my dear friends Steph and I randomly took off to Charlottesville, VA for the night. A friend of ours, Laura, suggested that we eat at a taco place called Brazos, and it was DELICIOUS. The fish tacos were unreal. It was also located in an art park, so we got some pretty cute pictures to document the day. Also— Steph is an amazing photographer! Check out her insta:  @steffbarros and her website  here.  After tacos, we hit an adorable cupcake shop called Sweethaus. The best part was that the cupcakes were actually reasonably priced considering I’m used to spending $5 on a single cupcake back home in D.C. Then, we did some shopping before the stores closed. Steph got her first Lululemon sports bra, so I was excited about that.

Nugget and Momma came to visit.


For my little sister, Reese’s birthday, her and Mom came down to Liberty to celebrate! We went to one of the newest restaurants to LYH called My Dog Duke’s Diner for dinner after a day full of bowling on campus at Liberty. Reese spent the night in the dorm and Micah and I took her out to Cookout late that night for a glimpse into “college life”. She ended up telling me that every time she comes to Liberty she ends up loving it more and more. You should’ve seen the smile on my face when she said that.

Spring Break Trip


Last spring break, I was in Naples, FL with a bunch of friends, but this year, one of my favorite families that I babysit for invited me to their ski house in the mountains of Park City, Utah. I’ve been there with them many times before, but never during the ski season, so I was excited to see the snow. I also figured it was a great time to make some money for new summer clothes ha! 

Park City has been amazing. It’s hard work watching after a 2 and a 5 year old 24/7, but it’s worth it since I’m so close with the family too. I’ve been eating great food, seeing beautiful snow from 9,000 ft. up, and just having a last winter “hurrah”.