3 States in 4 Days || A Mother-Daughter Weekend


This past weekend was one that I will always cherish. My mom and I have a unique and special relationship. It’s been interesting to navigate, for sure, finding the balance between mother-daughter and best friend. We’ve learned a lot about each other since I graduated high school. We both acknowledged that we’re introverts, so we totally “get” each other. The things that are most important to us line up, and communication is often easy. I’m not saying everything is always sunshine and rainbows, but when we do disagree, I focus on the fact that she is indeed my mom—a beautiful woman who has more experience than I, and a ton of wisdom to share. 


My mom is also one of the most hardworking women I know. Somehow, along with having a full-time job, she succeeds to have dinner on the table for our family every night, manages 4 different schedules including her own, her husband’s and her daughters’. It’s safe to say she blows my mind. This week she went on a trip for work and attended the Travelers Golf Championship with her coworkers. They had a ton of actual work things to get done the first two days, so she invited me to meet her on Hartford, Connecticut on Thursday. I’m always wanting to meet her coworkers turned friends, and just have time with her. I took off work, hopped on a plane, and met her for a weekend of good food, and good people.


Thursday night, we took a quick little road trip to New Haven, CT for pizza that was suggested by a friend of hers. He warned us that there would be a line, but that it was 100% worth it if we were willing. Well, he was right. Frank Pepe Pizzeria was so dang good. If we weren’t staying at a hotel I would have eaten the leftovers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (Typically, I do NOT do leftovers). Since we were super close to Yale, I just knew I had to make a stop and grab a sweatshirt. The campus is gorgeous! Look at the sky that night! When we got back to the hotel we ordered room service for 11 pm chocolate cake and then hit the hay. 


The next morning, we grabbed Dunkin and then started driving towards Foxboro, MA to celebrate a friend’s high school graduation. She’s headed to the University of Maine next year! I hadn’t seen Julia in over 10 years due to the distance between us. The last time we were together is when both of our moms won a trip on the Disney Cruise back when they worked together. Fun fact, they work together now too—different company though. It’s funny how some friendships really do stick. 


Spending the morning decorating for her party was a joy. There's nothing like preparing to celebrate the accomplishments of a dear friend! Her cake was the star of the show-- look how gorgeous it was! The entire thing was gone by the end of the night. 

On Sunday morning we packed up and hit to road to Providence, RI. The hour-long ride to the airport is something I will always cherish. Time in the car is when my mom and I get a chance to really connect. We talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. 


Also, I thought I'd mention the book that I spent both plane rides reading. A Pastor that I follow on Instagram posted it on his story and when I read the title I immediately Amazon Primed it. Jentezen Franklin's, "Love Like You've Never Been Hurt" has made a huge impact on the way that I'm choosing to treat others. Recently, I've been allowing the enemy to sneak a lot of bitterness back into my life. After a rough 2nd semester, I came back from the summer unable to trust anyone, and completely run-down from beating myself up about past mistakes. This book has taught me to remove past pain and hurt from the way in which I love people. Bitterness gets in the way of me spreading the love of Jesus. I won't keep on rambling here, but go grab the book for yourself, and then pass it on to someone else!