My Must-Have Apps


Hey, y’all! I’m sharing my favorite apps that I use almost daily to make your days a little sweeter. If you try any of my suggestions out let me know, and share your favorite apps as well! Each app name is linked so you can just click and download! Enjoy. xoxo

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This app is my first defense when dealing with panic attacks. Since I deal with my anxiety the most at night, this app brings me a ridiculous amount of peace. Not only do I love the meditation, but the sleep stories are awesome.

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When I’m home in DC I don’t go to a single restaurant without checking if it’s on this app to make a reservation. Not only does it allow you to skip the step of calling the restaurant, but you get points for every restaurant you make a reservation at. The points can be redeemed for restaurant gift cards, Amazon gift cards etc. If a place doesn’t have availability, it will make suggestions for you so you have a back up plan.  

3 Good Things

I mentioned this app in a previous blog post about ways to make joy and bliss in your everyday life, so since this is a post all about what’s on my iPhone I had to include this app.  This is a happiness journal that reminds you every evening to enter your “3 good things” that happened that day. Big or small, it doesn’t matter— as long as you’re practicing gratitude you’ll see your quality of life increase.


Bubble Level

This app comes in handy more often than I thought it would. My mom and I downloaded it last year when I moved into my dorm sophomore year and now I use it all the time throughout the apartment. No one likes crooked decor.


One of my good friends convinced me last summer to start using Ebates. I had always seen commercials for it but I thought it would be a pain in the butt or a scam. Little did I know, it rocks. My mom is obsessed now too. I have the app and also have it downloaded on my computer. I constantly make money back off of my purchases and it goes directly into my paypal account. If you online shop a ton, you need it  

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Sleep Cycle

A few years ago I was obsessed with Sleep Cycle, and here I am, getting back into it. I love so many things about it— the way the alarm works, the data it gives you the next morning, and how it helped me realize that I have to take better care of myself concerning my sleep.  


Call me a geek, but I love sudoku. I’ve loved it since before I can even remember. I think it’s an awesome game for kiddos to play to work with numbers too, but that’s just the teacher in me ;) Anyways, I have two different sudoku apps on my phone and love them both.

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She Reads Truth

My favorite guide to spending time with the Lord. My friend Laura suggested using the reading plans on She Reads Truth when I was in a bit of a rut with how to connect with God and His Word, so I began using their website. Little did I know, they had an app! 

Phrase Party!

My family loves this game. When we remember to play it on game nights, we usually end up crying laughing on the floor by the end of it. Having the mobile version makes it easy to play anywhere. I’m pretty sure my dad loves this game so much that he bought the full, ad-free version.  

Chick-fil-a & McDonalds

I’m a big fast food girl and I’m not ashamed. I love nuggets, fries, and the perfect taste of a crisp Sprite or Diet Coke. The Chick-Fil-A and McDonald’s apps are my ride or dies. You earn points and can redeem coupons for free food so I have no complaints.