My phone fell into the Patuxent River… This is what I learned.


Hey hey hey! It’s been a long long time since I wrote on the “life” section of Making Joy & Bliss! But I’m back to document a sad at first but kinda funny now, situation. So let me set the scene. It’s the Sunday before Labor Day (At first I wrote ‘Memorial Day’. Wouldn’t that be great?). We’re on the boat with some family friends eating cheese, crackers and grapes. It’s a nice 70° and I’m in heaven. We head out of the creek and up the river. It’s a little choppy. We close up the snacks because dad starts to speed up to avoid feeling the waves as much. We hit a slight left turn— I hear a ‘bang’ and look at my bf. “Um, Molls? That was your phone.” I hop up, telling myself— manifesting— that it was just laying on the floor of the boat. Welp, turns out it plopped in the water and down it went. Sure, I shed a few quick tears— not over the fact that my physical phone was in the water but rather because it took all my photos with it. Since it was Labor Day weekend, Verizon couldn’t ship it to me until Wednesday— here I am, writing about what I learned in those 3, phone-less days.

Waze GPS forever— since I was leaving from the river house to school I didn’t know the way and let’s just say my car named Carl sure did want to take the scenic route. Backroads & two lanes the entire 4 hours. This also made me think back to the times when you’d print out your Map Quest directions before heading off to your destination— man, those days were good.

I had time to THINK— the lack of distraction was insane. I talked to God so much and he talked right back. I had time to just be with myself and sure, it was only 3 days but I swear my heart grew. Sometimes I just forget how badly the Lord wants to hear from us. He knows every single aspect of our minds and hearts but He wants us to pursue Him and His love.

I need to look up more— Honestly, I don’t feel like I’m that infatuated with my phone. However, the minute I was without it, I noticed it. I need to walk campus without my AirPods in. I need to sit down in class and get to know the person next to me while waiting for the professor to start. I need to walk the aisles of Target without texting while doing it (you see so much more that you don’t need but ultimately end up buying ;)). 

It was a easier to get out of bed— Tuesday morning I set my apple HomePod alarm for 7am to get myself up and what I realized was, there was no snoozing the alarm, and I hopped right out of bed. I swear it was because I didn’t have Instagram & Twitter to check. I was on time for class and even had time to grab a coffee. Ah, heaven. 

Loopy case forever— When my phone flew into the water my brand new Loopy case went with it. Not going to lie, it was kind of upsetting because I felt like buying the Loopy was a splurge ($40 + shipping for a phone case? Ugh). So, I ordered a new one (that was painful) and it hasn’t arrived yet. Today I put a backup case on and I realized how much I adored the Loopy even though I only had it for 2 weeks. I can’t wait to have it back and my right pinky can’t wait either— the poor thing is tired from holding up my phone. 

Back up your dang phone—I never backed up my phone because I didn’t want to buy extra iCloud storage but if I could do it all over again I would. Photos are precious to me and so are old text messages from specific people like my sister and bestie Emma. Soooo yeah the first thing I did was buy the freaking iCloud storage.