How [solidcore] Transformed My Body and Mind


1 year ago a dear friend of mine said to me, "Molly, I just tried this new workout last night. I can't even walk, and my abs are still on fire. It's called [solidcore]. Come with me next time?" I agreed, however, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I walked into class and little did I know it would be the beginning of a new me.

What is it?

[solidcore] is made up of small, slow moves where there is always resistance attached to your muscles. The machine is made up of two stationary platforms along with one that moves between, called the carriage. The machine goes by the name Sweatlana and is different than anything you've worked out on.

What makes [solidcore] so unique that it is impossible to plateau. The different springs that are attached to the carriage can always be adjusted to make it harder as you become more advanced. Different spring loads also make it possible to achieve greatness in the class even if you're a beginner. There are always modifications to make things simpler and the workout is easy on your joints.

What makes it so special?

One of my favorite parts about [solidcore] is how my body feels during the 50 minutes. I have suffered from asthma my entire life, and I've found it difficult to find a workout studio that would challenge my body, but not my lungs. The slow, intense movements demand hard work from my muscles, and I don't have to worry about puffing my inhaler and catching my breath. I love being able to focus on achieving muscle failure, fighting through the pain, and how much I'm sweating than wondering if I can make it through a class without having an asthma attack.

I think a lot of the reason I fell in love with this class was because of how wonderful the community is and have met some of the most incredible people who have had a very strong impact on my life. Each time I walk into the studio I'm greeted with hugs and smiles from coaches and other regulars who I find myself taking class with often. The coaches are committed to high fives at the end of those painful 50 minutes, and they are the ones who make it so easy to come back to the studio.

When I first started [solidcore], I had no idea how fast my body would change and how addicted I would be to the studio. Within a month my body was more toned, and classes were more enjoyable because I understood the workout. I even noticed that I could carry heavier objects. While this sounds silly, for the first time in my life I could do a complete set of push-ups. When I reserve a spot in a class, I know that I'm setting aside 50 minutes of "me" time. I never knew how important it was to be selfish sometimes and put my well-being first. [solidcore] has taught me just that.

If you have the opportunity to try [solidcore], don't let it pass on by. Jump into it. Give it a good effort, and do not feel defeated once you realize that it is the hardest workout you've ever done. If you really commit, you'll see that [solidcore] will not only change your body but also your mind. You'll find yourself being a more be more focused, and positive person. You'll learn to love your body for what it is and ignore the number on the scale.  You'll gain strength in more ways than one, and end up reflecting on your first class and realizing just how much you've accomplished. For more info before jumping into your first class, check out the website here and an intro video here!

There's also a new client special during the month of February! Head on over to [solidcore]'s Facebook page to take advantage of it!