Friday Five 10.13.17


Hey y'all, happy October! Long time no chat. I've had a crazy few weeks and I hate when the blog ends up on the backburner. I haven't even been that busy when it comes to school work-- I ended up just being really overwhelmed by some of the things happening in my life, and Satan was really working hard to get his foot in the door. Man, he sure is RUDE. On top of recovering from the insane month that was September, I also went home for my fall break! I actually got to make the 4 day break a full 7 days by using my class skips wisely ;) It was so wonderful to get back and smell my house haha! And cuddle my dogs. And see my beautiful sister. After a full week, I was ready to get back to my sweet Liberty University. 

Well, after that long update, I'm finally going to get on with my Friday Five for this week. I'm excited to share some new things in my life since the last Friday Five post. And don't forget, you are so loved and valued.

New Puppy 


Meet our new family member, Mac! After losing the pup I grew up with, having one dog in the house just wasn’t right. My mom and I took a little road trip to pick up this cute miniature poodle to match our big standard poodle, Hoopy. He’s only a few weeks old and is 3.8lbs. His personality is already appearing, and I can’t wait to get back home so I can hang out with him more.  

OPI “Taupe-less Beach” 


At first, I hated this color when it first went on. I’m a big fan of summer colors, so I really think I was just a little salty that I had to make the transition to fall colors. After a few days, I LOVE this color and think it’s going to be a regular for me.

Adidas Camo Trefoil Tee


I kind of felt ridiculously basic when I bought this tee, but the camo made it a little better than if I had just thrown on the black and white tee (no hate). I love the oversized fit (perfect for my school’s dress code since I have to cover my butt if I wear leggings). It’s also a SUPER thick material which I wasn’t expecting. It’ll look super cute with an oversized denim jacket as it begins to get chilly here in VA.

Old Navy Joggers  


Old Navy is POPPIN’ right now, y’all. My best friend Micah and I have gone so hard there recently, and these joggers are one of the things I picked up. They’re so darn soft and comfy. The perfect material for fall. I’m wearing a small! I’ll probably end up ordering another pair haha!

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


When I was home for fall break, I just HAD to carve a pumpkin mainly so I could roast pumpkin seeds. If y’all carve your pumpkins and throw away the seeds, you’re doing it wrong!! Throw those babies on a pan, be generous with the salt, and then watch them turn golden brown in the oven. Wish I had a photo of them, but I ate them before I realized I wanted them to be in a Friday Five. BUT, here’s a picture of my botched star pumpkin.