A Sherpa Coat & 5 Things You Don't Need to Know

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I've posted a few times on Instagram in this sherpa coat and have gotten so many questions about where it's from. I figured it would be best to dedicate a quick blog post to my newest winter staple piece for y'all along with a list of 5 random things that you don't really need to hear but I'm going to share anyway ;)

The Coat: H&M, y'all! Crazy, right? And super cheap. I'll link it here. It runs true to size! The pockets are my favorite part because they're really deep and warm-- all of the essentials fit in them, so no bag required if you're heading out. 

  1. My favorite dish on the table at Thanksgiving this year was the brussels sprouts. My mom roasts them with pancetta, olive oil, and balsamic. They're not like the soggy cabbage-like brussels sprouts that you're imagining, instead, they're crunchy and freaking delicious.
  2. Favorite nicknames I hear from my peeps: Molly Mac, Mollzo, Molls, and the infamous Molls Balls
  3. I had acrylic nails for the past year in an effort to kick my ugly nail-biting habit. I got them removed last week and I'm already back to biting my natural nails whenever I'm nervous or super focused on something. 
  4. I took the train home for Thanksgiving break and I forgot how much I love it. The tricky part is that I can only bring one bag with me, but for short trips, it's lovely. 
  5. The only time I watch Netflix is when I'm cleaning or doing my hair and make-up. This means that I can never actually focus on the show enough to start something new so I end up only watching/listening to Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Secret Life of the American Teenager, and 90210. Someone start a petition to get One Tree Hill back on Netflix, please. 

That's it for today! Short and sweet! xoxo