Friday Five 12.01.17


Oh. Em. Gee. It’s the first Friday Five of December!! Eek!!! It’s been a week or two since my last one, so I have some good stuff this week. I hope you’re getting super excited about Christmas! Get your decorations up ASAP and turn on that Justin Bieber Mistletoe album. 

Bath & Body Works Candle


Everyone knows that the B&BW 3-wick candles are the best of the best. I'm seriously obsessed with them right now so I'm going to share a few of my favorite ones to burn during the holidays. I'm not even going to try to describe the scents to you because that would be an epic fail, but trust me, and pick these babies up.  My faves: Spiced Apple Toddy, Fresh Balsam, & Winter

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Maroon 5 Album


How the heck does every Maroon 5 album just get better than the last? Make sure you're streaming the deluxe version when you do listen though because the must-listen songs are on there. My bestie and I have been shuffling it for weeks now. 

Lush Lip Scrub


Winter is here, so welcome to the party, chapped lips. I didn't miss you at all. Other than using ridiculous amounts of Aquaphor to remedy this issue, my Lush lip scrub has been a lifesaver. I've also been really into matte lip paints, so using this before applying is crucial. I also love the mint flavor because not only does it taste great, but it plumps your lips up a little. 

Thanksgiving Pigtail Hairstyle


Okay, listen, I know I look a little bit like a toddler in this hairstyle but come on, it's cute and different. It's also great for those days when it's been 2 days since you last washed your hair and it's pretty much 90% dry shampoo and hairspray. Story of my life. 

Too Faced Setting Spray


I used to use the Urban Decay All-Nighter setting spray, but I honestly was so over it. I didn't think it was really even doing its job. My skin was always so dry and my make-up didn't even look that good by the end of the day! I went to Sephora and picked this up and it's a game changer. Go get it now. When I hop in the shower at the end of the day after using this in the morning, the water literally beads off of my face.