Flames Football is Back || Game Day Looks


I cannot even begin to explain how happy I am that college football is back. I've always loved watching the game (I was an Ole Miss fan for years), but there's nothing like belonging to a college and cheering on your own team. It's 10 times better to actually be a part of the University rather than a hopeful high school student. Honestly, as much as I love watching the actual game, I've come to realize that in 10 years I might not remember the score or who we even played that day, but what I will remember, and what I'll tell my kids about, are all of the memories I made with my girlfriends while getting ready for the tailgates and a long day full of school spirit. 

I wanted to document the day so of course, I'm going to make that happen on Making Joy and Bliss. I wanted to grab a pair of overalls just because I wanted to do something different than just wearing the denim shorts that I usually wear. I ordered these up from the one and only ASOS, on sale, for $39 and they're still available! *Don't forget to sign up with UNiDAYS so you can get a student discount*  I'll link them here as well as at the end of the post. After altering them with some Fashion Tape to keep the cuff up all day, they were perfect. I paired them with a white Madewell tee and my Stan Smith's. I threw on some red lipstick and I thought I was all good to go. 

I realized I had to do something with my hair and I don't know why, but I felt compelled to part my hair in the middle and wear two buns. THEN, I decided to do toss some glitter on my roots. I grabbed my friend Stella and she started smearing petroleum jelly on my roots from the top of my head to the back of my neck to make the glitter stick. Then she went hard with the silver glitter and all of a sudden we had a room covered in glorious fairy dust and this:

If you want to do this to your hair, here's how you get it out when it comes time to wash:

Dawn dish soap --> regular shampoo --> Dawn dish soap.

You're welcome.

My best friend, and self-proclaimed photographer for Making Joy and Bliss, Micah, looked amazing and since she's so cute I have to include her outfit in this post, along with some adorable photos of her. Can you tell I'm obsessed with her? 


Let me know in the comments if you enjoy seeing our game day looks and I'll keep posting them! I love y'all to death-- thanks so much for reading Making Joy and Bliss! 

Outfit Info:

Molly || Overalls: ASOS White Tee: Madewell Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith Choker: (found @ TJMaxx)

Micah || Shorts: Pacsun Flannel: Forever 21 Shoes: Classic Converse