Saturday Six 09.16.17


So if you've been a Making Joy and Bliss reader for a while, you know that (almost) every Friday I write a post called "Friday Five" where I talk my 5 favorite things from the week. I LOVE writing the posts. but this Friday snuck up on me and I was so bummed I missed it. I had some great things to share with y'all so per my mom's request, here I am with my "Saturday Six."

Calming Pillow Spray 


I grabbed this on a whim at TJMaxx and I LOVE it. There's nothing like spraying this in your bed, going to brush your teeth, and coming back to the most inviting, cozy space ever. I love it y'all. I'm also a fan of the stress relief pillow spray at Bath & Body Works. Can't go wrong.

Thomas Rhett's Life Changes


This is Thomas Rhett's best album so far. The stories he tells through his songs are incredible. I'm so obsessed with his talent and the songs put the biggest smile on my face. He is killing it in the music industry these days. Every song is mind-blowing, but "Unforgettable", "Gateway Love," "Unforgettable," and "Sweetheart" are my favorites at the moment. Even people who claim to hate country music have confessed to enjoying T. Rhett. 

Chick-fil-a Vanilla Iced Coffee


I thought I hated iced coffee until I tried CFA's vanilla iced coffee. This stuff is no joke y'all. I'm waiting for Chick-fil-a to make something that I don't like because I swear it's impossible. Ugh, I'm on my way to get some right now. 

Comparison Trap Bible study 


I've been working through some different Bible plans these days and have been loving it. Just to be 100% real with y'all, I have really been struggling with comparison these days. It truly is the thief of joy and I just don't have time to waste being without a joyful attitude. I've been using the plans on the Bible app and I recently started this one titled "Comparison Trap" It's really been helping me improve my entire mentality when it comes to comparison and I felt like I really needed to share it with y'all. 

Felt Letter Board


Felt boards are everywhere these days. I grabbed mine on Amazon! I usually just see black felt, but I felt as if it would kill the vibe in the room so I was hype when I saw the gray felt. Obsessed. I didn't really think I'd change it that much but my neighbors love seeing new things on it so I browse Pinterest often for new, sassy sayings. 

MILK MAKEUP Highlighter in "LIT"

Highlighter is hands-down my favorite makeup product these days. I'm all about the dramatic highlight both day and night, but this one is my favorite for a natural look. I usually use it on days where I'm just wearing moisturizer and mascara. Everything about it is so flawless. The way I swatched for y'all is intense, but, you can downplay it, of course. 

Enjoy the weekend, babes! Conquer this upcoming week, too! Talk to ya in my next post! XO