Friday Five 10.20.17


I've come to notice this year that college days move so dang slowly, but the weeks fly by. Here I am writing another Friday Five already! It's so crazy! Fall is arriving y'all. Today I walked out of my dorm and was hit by a 65-degree breeze that had me shivering (I'm dramatic). Anyways, I'm so excited about the things I have to show you this week. I hope you have the best weekend ever! 

RedBubble Stickers


Inspired by my sister and bestie, I finally decided to spruce up my laptop. Mainly because I had been walking around campus for a year without a case on it and I think I was beginning to push my luck. So, I ordered a case on Amazon (cheap as heck: I linked it here) and then grabbed some stickers on RedBubble. If you've never heard of the company before, you have to check it out. Basically, a ton of artists design stickers for this company, and then you can pick through the selection for what you want. They have everything you could ever want. It's awesome. Usually, if you buy 10, you'll get 50% off, so it's better to buy more than just 1. 

Viva La Juicy Perfume


Again, shout out to Micah for spraying this all over me in Target one day because it is so delicious. Like, heavenly. A new bottle is already on my Christmas list. I'm not even going to try to describe it to y'all because that would be useless, but next time you're out and about and see Viva La Juicy, go pick it up! I get compliments on how good I smell all the time. Ugh, I want to go spray some more on me now.

ALV Jewels Chokers


I've been a fan if ALV Jewels for a while now. I mentioned them in my first Friday Five post, and a few weeks ago I grabbed 2 more of their chokers. They're always having really great promotions (check out their Instagram) and that's when I buy new necklaces! I love this gunmetal star choker and this crescent choker too. 

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo


So usually when I "steal" things from my mom's bathroom, she's well aware and I always semi-ask. But I straight-up stole this dry shampoo from her. I have always used the DryBar one, but it's really expensive and didn't impress me that much. I tried this Herbal Essences one when I found it in her drawer, took it, and never returned it. Then I repurchased it twice. It smells incredible and does a great job. Sometimes I even spray it on clean hair just to give it some texture too. 

Sensodyne True White Toothpaste


It's kind of weird that I'm mentioning a toothpaste on the blog, but I mentioned a deodorant a few weeks ago, and let's just be real, who doesn't want to know about a great toothpaste?Anyways, I love this toothpaste. I've used Sensodyne for a few years now, for obvious reasons: I have sensitive teeth. I just saw this new type of Sensodyne about a month ago, so I grabbed it to try it out. It's awesome. It makes me feel so fresh and clean, and the whitening power rocks. I've seen such a difference and really wish that I took before photos!