My Graphic Tee Obsession


Hello, Autumn and hello to my graphic tees. I’ve missed one of my go-to outfits the past few months. Denim jacket, graphic tee, leggings, and a pair of sneakers. Now that we had a chilly day in DC over fall break, I went to pick up some pumpkins with momma and ended up in that exact outfit. I thought a post dedicated to my favorite places to grab the best graphic tees would be fun. 


Bittersweet Boutique 

One of my new favorites in Lynchburg! We desperately need more shopping locations in my college town, and this one does not disappoint! They are always getting new inventory in so the styles are always changing which is so fun. Did I mention they carry Free People? The vibe in the store is so cool and so are the people who work there. Follow them on insta— @shopbittersweet. 

American Eagle

I always feel like American Eagle has this reputation for being strictly a store for middle schoolers but let me tell ya, I love me some AE. Especially Aerie. Anyways, I’m always finding soft tees here that are so freaking cute. I’ll link some that I am loving below. AE is having a huge sale right now! Everything is 40-60% off!



I swear, anything you could ever want style-wise is on ASOS. They also have a 10% student discount! Many people struggle with sizing on ASOS, so for reference, I wear a 4. 



I’m so obsessed with every shirt that I end up with at Pacsun. I always grab a medium or a large so that I can tie it or tuck it in and have a relaxed look— it’s totally personal preference. I think the reason that I always stop in Pacsun for their tees is that they’re so soft and they’re always having deals on them. 


Oh, Target. You never fail me. Tar-jay is where my graphic tee obsession started. They have that table just FULL of them that I always passed by without stopping, and now I’m always grabbing new ones. Again, I size up for comfort. 

Forever 21


I never thought I’d be writing about F21 on this blog because the store stresses me out so much but here I am. I stopped in with my little sister a few months ago because she wanted to and is way more patient than I. While I was wandering around aimlessly, I came across this tee and immediately picked it up. While I can’t say I have shopped at Forever 21 since, I will say I’m no longer skeptical of why the place is so loved. 

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