Pom Pom Christmas Tree DIY


Hello, hello and Merry Christmas ;)

Over Thanksgiving break mom and I were at Hobby Lobby drooling over the Christmas decor for almost 2 hours. I had a random desire to do a little project to unwind and add some Christmas cheer. So, why not share it with you here! These little pom pom trees were so fun and easy, and similar ones also go for around $25 EACH, so you might as well make your own.


What you’ll need:

Foam cones— I used floral cones because they were green so if there were any tiny spaces between pom poms, green would be shown. You can find these at any craft story. Inexpensive, too!

Pom poms—Hobby Lobby was having 50% off pom poms so each bag ended up being $1. I ended up needed to go back to grab some more though so keep that in mind. You can always return bags that you don’t need! Some of the trees I did had only one size, but then on some trees (like on the red and white one) I used multiple sizes. Get creative.

Hot glue— I love mini hot glue guns. They’re never more than $6 and they come in handy all the time. I used a good amount to ensure that the pom poms wouldn’t have any chance of falling off.

Next, just go for it! Start from the bottom and start gluing your poms on there! Make sure you add a few at the top to make that distinct “point". I liked packing the pom poms close together on some trees, but on others I filled gaps in with smaller ones.

At the end, you might need to lint roll your trees to get rid of the stringy hot glue or anything else that the poms picked up.

Have fun with it! Send me pics on Instagram @makingjoyandbliss if you end up making your own! P.S. my apartment Christmas decor is coming soon.