Rent Designer Jewelry with Rocksbox || Free Month with MJ&B


I am so excited to write this post. When Rocksbox reached out to me so that I could give my readers a free month of jewelry, I did my collaboration happy dance. I’m a huge fan of jewelry. I think it can take fancy outfits to the next level, while also adding a little something to jeans and a white tee. One of the downsides, however, to jewelry is that trendy pieces are just that, trendy. The styles come and go, leaving me with a ton of pieces that can be very “been there done that.” I would much rather splurge on timeless necklaces and earrings, and then have those fun styles until I’m just over it. 

That’s exactly what Rocksbox is. It’s a service where you pay only $21 a month in exchange for 3 pieces of jewelry. That $21 is also a credit that can go towards purchasing any jewelry that you fall in love with. I never thought I’d apply my credit, but when I received these beautiful gold tassel earrings and wore them to a wedding, I thought “What the heck. Life is short, buy the earrings.” 

When you sign up for Rocksbox and create your profile, you take a little quiz to give some insight to your stylist as to what jewelry you gravitate to the most. If you don’t like rings, they won’t send them your way! If you prefer silver over gold, that’s what you’ll get! Then, you can browse the Rocksbox styles on the site and add them to your Wish List. Let me tell you, my first box was complete with items from my Wish List. It was so exciting.


When your box is created by the stylist, you’ll receive an email letting you know, and a link so that you can access a peek into what is inside of your box. I’m really terrible when it comes to surprises, so I always check out my box before. My favorite part about this step is that if you’re not a fan of a piece that’s in your box, you can swap it out! How fun! 

When your box arrives, it’ll be in a reusable envelope and wrapped beautifully in Rocksbox colors. Make sure you save the envelope so that when you’re ready for new pieces you don’t have to get a new one! In order to get new styles, just slap the return label that came in your box on that envelope, and send it back! The Rocksbox process then starts all over again! I had new jewelry at my doorstep in about 5 days. 

If you’ve never tried a subscription service before, I really encourage you to start out with Rocksbox. Not only is it fun and exciting, but it’s easy as pie. Who wouldn’t want to rock $150 Kendra Scott earrings for $21? 

Rocksbox hooked us Making Joy and Bliss peeps up with a free month when you use code


If you check it out and it’s not for you, no worries! You can just cancel your next month—no strings attached. Check out their website here for even more information, and as always, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions! 

Love y’all.