Friday Five 08.31.18


Hello, hello! I just finished the first week of my junior year and I'm here with my five favorites from this week! Happy weekend! Do something that brings you a little joy. 


Bling Sting Pepper Spray

Funny story about this. So, I recently went to a museum in DC with my boyfriend and had pepper spray attached to my keychain. Well, apparently I’m stupid and had no idea you couldn’t go into a Smithsonian with anything like pepper spray. So, I had to throw it out. I had that baby with me for 2 whole years. Safe to say, I was sad. Anyways, when I was at Target during move-in week, I guess everyone needed pepper spray (sadly) so the shelves were cleared out. My mom saw this cute one in Liberty’s Barnes and Noble and hollered across the bookstore “Hey Molly, WILL THIS PEPPER SPRAY WORK?” A few dads overheard her and thought it was the funniest thing. So, anyways, I love this thing. I hope I never have to use it though. It’s so cute and kinda understated.



Rocksbox is a service where you pay only $21 a month in exchange for 3 pieces of jewelry. That $21 is also a credit that can go towards purchasing any jewelry that you fall in love with. When this incredible subscription company reached out to me I was ecstatic. When you sign up for Rocksbox and create your profile, you take a little quiz to give some insight to your stylist as to what jewelry you gravitate to the most. If you don’t like rings, they won’t send them your way! If you prefer silver over gold, that’s what you’ll get! Then, you can browse the Rocksbox styles on the site and add them to your Wish List. Let me tell you, my first box was complete with items from my Wish List. You can get your first month free with my code MAKINGJOYANDBLISSXOXO


Grilled Salmon 

This is my FAVORITE thing to eat at the apartment these days. It’s so light, refreshing, quick, and easy! I heard about these first over the summer because the kids I was a nanny for LOVED SALMON. Who else knows 3 and 5-year-olds who eat salmon like it’s their job? I don’t know any. All you do is pop these in the oven and boom! Dinner! This brand also has tilapia, cod, and other things that are just as easy to make! Totally beats eating frozen pizza every night. Even though frozen pizza is DE-LISH. 


Vremi Electric Hand Mixer

This mixer was also sold out during move-in week at Target, so I ordered it on Amazon, of course. That apartment life has me wanting to save every inch of space possible, and the way the mixer thingies click into the mixer is seriously genius. Now, don’t get me wrong, I totally want a high-end mixer for Christmas. White Kitchen Aid, I’m coming for you (@Santa). But this is a great alternative at a GREAT price tag.


Target Black Cami

Since I’m an education major, I’m always needing professional clothes to wear during my student teaching practicums. But, this girl has a J. Crew style on a T.J. Max budget. I found this simple black tank at Target for around $20 when the same exact thing is $78 at J.Crew. So, I can wear this in the classrooms with a cardigan, or on its own in a more casual setting. It’s such a staple. Go get it y’all, because I know it’ll be gone soon. For reference, I'm wearing an XS.