Friday Five 09.21.2018


Hi, y’all! I am so dang pumped about this Friday Five. Ever since I started school, I’ve fallen in love with a ton of new things. Not just material things, though— I’m here to share a podcast that I’m LIVING for, and something unique to Liberty University that I think every girl needs to watch. This is the final Friday Five of the summer! I’m ready to fall in love with fall ;)

How I Built This Podcast


Like everyone else in this world, I’m really into podcasts. For a while, Hurricane Florence was coming towards Lynchburg, so Liberty canceled classes last week. I went home for the long weekend mainly to see my best friend in the entire world: my little sister. Anyways, I’ve been absolutely murdering my favorite songs right now by playing them on repeat, so I’m almost (almost) sick of them. I knew I’d go crazy if I had to listen to music the entire time, so I started listening to How I Built This— it’s an NPR podcast where, yup, you guessed it, people talk about how they built their multi-million dollar companies. The first one I listened to was about DryBar. Then I listened to the one about Lululemon. Then, Steve Madden. All of a sudden I was home and I had listened to 4 hours of How I Built This. Ideal afternoon if you ask me.


Ariat Cowgirl Boots

I ended up in Nashville this past weekend for 24 hours (long story coming in its own post soon) and strutted my stuff in these boots that were gifted to me. Let me tell you, boot shopping in Nashvegas is an experience. A fun one. These are the most comfy boots ever and look cute with everything. I’m so in love and can’t wait to wear them to a Clemson game soon ;)

Liberty University Women’s Convocation

If you’re a new reader, hi— I’m a junior at Liberty University. I don’t think I’ve talked about Convocation before on here! Basically, it’s a Monday, Wednesday, Friday gathering of thousands of Liberty students to worship the Lord and hear from influencers from all over the world. It’s not quite a church service, and not every single speaker opens up God’s word, but it’s really awesome when the Gospel is spread. Anyways, last Monday’s convocation was for women-only and the speaker was Melanie Denney, a wonderful, joyful spirit who heavily impacts the women on this campus. Melanie has taught me more about being who God wants me to be and putting aside the weight of the junk in my life and rest in the fact that Jesus paid the debt for my sin. She’s also taught me to celebrate extended periods of waiting in my life, and being okay that things don’t come and go on my timeline. I’ve learned from Melanie to find joy in God’s timing because it’s better than my plan— I now know He’s doing something in me even if I don’t know what that is. Bottom line, I don’t even personally know Melanie but what I do know is that the Lord sent Melanie to impact me last semester during one of the most difficult times of my life so far. The words God spoke through her changed and brought comfort to my heart when I thought it was impossible to do so. I’m excited to see God continue to use her to minister to me this semester.

Anyways, this convocation she talked about hearing from God. She made it clear that it’s entirely possible to have clear conversations with the Lord, but that He speaks softly— He doesn’t scream and yell for our attention. We have to consistently prepare our hearts to hear Him speak. I don’t want to give it all away, so grab a cup of tea or coffee and a snack and get comfy. Get a notebook too. You’re going to want to write this down.

Merry Maker Shop


I’m obsessed with graphic and sassy tees. Wear with leggings. Wear them with jeans. With a skirt. With shorts. Around your house with no pants— who cares! Throw a cool jacket over them when it gets chilly. Tie it up. Roll the sleeves. Ya get what I’m saying? Instant fashion. SO when Merry Maker Shop reached out to me I was PUMPED. We actually have mutual friends/family, so that’s how we ended up connecting. It’s so fun. Anyways, the owner, Libby is a former art teacher and started her shop in April of 2018. Each tee is custom made with the SOFTEST materials ever. She made this shirt for me and did everything to make it perfect for me. She can put anything you want on a tee. She also has sweatshirts and tanks (more coming too— hello, mugs and tumblers!).

She hooked me up with a code for you to grab your own. Use JOY10 for 10% off your order! She’s also always having quick sales on her Instagram Did I mention free shipping? You can always reach out to her (or me) with questions! Use the link above to her website, and click here for the direct link to my tee!

Steve Madden Flatforms


I think I have to give the bf credit for making me buy these because I never gravitate towards the two main features of these shoes: they’re clunky and black. I don’t know why I never reach for black shoes because all I do is wear black on black. You can usually catch me in black jeans and a black top. Black leggings and a black sweatshirt. Good thing winter is coming so I can get back to that uniform. Anyways, I grabbed these shoes two months ago before I left for Europe because I wanted cute sandals but also needed them to be practical since I’d be chasing little kiddos around for two weeks straight. Now, I can’t stop wearing these. They’re so comfy. I got blisters the first time I wore them, and then boom— they’re perfect now. Go grab them. They’re true to size.