Let's Talk Spray Tans


Recently I posted a pic professing my love of spray tans on my Instagram story and I got a ton of questions so I thought, why not do a post about it on the blog. I remember being super overwhelmed and nervous about my first time (idk, I’m weird) so I want to help anyone who feels the same way!

Why spray tan?

I am a huge fan of self-tan. I’m not anti-sun though. While you won’t catch me in a tanning bed , I definitely had my fair share of time in the sun soaking up those UV rays this summer. I adore a natural tan, however, it always fades so quickly. Now that I’m at school, I don’t have the time to lay out in the sun anymore.

I have tons of experience with at home self tanners. I have tried so many and have a few that I love (Loving Tan in Ultra Dark, and L’Oreal Sublime Bronze) but I was so tired of it coming off on my sheets, taking 30-45 minuets to apply and let it dry, and constantly smelling like self tanner. I used to only get spray tans during $5 tan week or free spray tan week, but then I realized that my Sun Tan City has a college discount so now I’m hooked (I’ll get into pricing later).

Where do I go?

I’m currently in Lynchburg, VA for school and go to Sun Tan City. When I head back home for student teaching I’ll probably go to a Palm Beach Tan because I know it’’s super similar.

What spray tan brand do I use?

VersaPro is a HEATED sunless spray tan booth. Emphasis on heated because you don’t get cold standing there (yay for your leg hair not growing back instantly). The machine literally talks to you, walking you through the entire experience. It tells you which numbers to put your toes and heels on to get you in the correct position, and explains when and where it’s going to spray (no surprises here).

How much does it cost?

My Sun Tan City location offers unlimited spray tanning for $30 a month with no commitment. It does vary location by location, but I imagine other places won’t be much different. I’ll break down why this is such a great deal. I get a new spray tan every week— I usually go every Thursday so my tan looks the most fresh during the weekend. If there are 4 weeks in a month, that’s $7.50 a tan. If you were to go to Sun Tan City for just one spray tan it would cost $24 or $50 for 3 tans.

What do I ask for?

I always get the same exact thing when I get a spray tan (I might go down one shade when it’s the dead of winter but who knows). I ask for clear medium, double legs, with hydration. The girls at tanning salons are very helpful and they know what color and shade is going to look best on you. Double legs means that the VersaPro will spray your legs twice—I like my legs to have color that will last. Hydration helps you avoid that scaly look when the tan begins to fade.

The girls will ask/offer you if you need extras. They are expensive and honestly I have never had much luck when I’ve tried them. I’m just going to be transparent here, the gals who work there make commission off of the products that you buy— sometimes, they’re pushy and I have gotten stuck feeling like I needed the spray tan primer, the spray tan extender, and the sticky pads for my feet. Y’all, you don’t need them. One time I went to get a spray tan during free spray tan week and walked out spending $30 on products. DON’T DO IT. Sorry, I said it.

How do I prepare?

The night before I go spray, typically Wednesday night I will do a full on shower routine. Girls, this is going to be the shower that takes forever— where you wash your hair, shave and exfoliate your skin, and cover your skin with moisturizer when you get out. I’ll link all of the products I use to prepare at the end of this question section.

Links: Razor || Dove Body Scrub || Exfoliate Towel || Exfoliate Gloves || Neutrogena Body Oil

What happens when I get in the spray tan room?

Get nakie. You can totally wear underwear if you want, and some gals wear a black swimsuit because they like the tan line look— totally fine! I just prefer to not deal with putting something on and taking it off. Remove all of your jewelry. Make use of the towels, hair nets, and barrier cream in the room. Put your hair up in a bun with a hair net over. LEAVE YOUR HAIRLINE AND EARS EXPOSED. One time I accidentally left my ears slightly covered by the hairnet and didn’t push it back past my hairline and it was horrible. Apply the barrier cream on your feet, hands, nails, wrists, and elbows. Throw a towel on the ground to step on when you get out (this is replacing those sticky pads that they might try to sell you). Listen to what the machine tells you, and ta-da, your spray will be complete! Step on that towel and wipe the heck out of the bottom of your feet to remove any spray that was on the floor of the machine. You don’t want the bottom of your feet to be tan!

Get dressed— the reason I get my spray tans at night is because I walk out of there looking like an actual gremlin. Since I get clear and not the instant color solution, I just look really moisturized/oily. Anyways, I bring a change of clothes to the salon so I can leave in a ratchet oversized tee that I don’t care about, nike shorts that are a size too big (easy to pull on) and flip flops. I go straight home, put a blanket down on my couch so the solution doesn’t transfer, and I chill out until I head to bed.

What happens post-spray?

Your face WILL fade fast. At least mine does— it could also be because I have very dry skin so I am always shedding those dry skin cells (ew I know). The way to keep your tan looking great is by keeping your skin moisturized. I use the body oil that I linked above after I shower because it doesn’t take much rubbing to apply it. I typically match my face with my neck and chest color using bareMinerals liquid bronzer.

Advice for removal?

I realized that if I wanted to spray tan every week, regular exfoliation wasn’t going to cut it when it came to removing the tan. I also wanted to avoid the build up that makes it look patchy if you spray on top of an old spray tan. I tried the Bondi Sands Tan Remover and I’m extremely impressed. Just follow the directions and then exfoliate it off in the shower.

Well, I think that’s it! If you have any more questions or anything you think I should add to this post, let me know! Love y’all. XOXO