Friday Five 07.28.17


Happy Friday! We made it through another week! I'm super excited about this week's Friday Five. I have some new goodies that I adore, along with two things that I just really need to share. I'm living for writing these posts! I hope you like them too! xoxo

Halogen Corbin Slide Loafer


These were a Nordstrom Anniversary sale find and I really had to do some convincing in order to actually purchase them. I mean, silver pointed slides? Could I pull it off? Then I realized the price was just too good to pass up and I had a feeling I'd wear them a ton. I wore them the other day with white jeans and a white tee. Just also want to mention that I wore all white to a barbeque restaurant. Oops. Bold move.

Mesh Adidas Gazelles


I wrote a quick separate post about these earlier this week, but just in case you missed it, I wanted to mention them so you didn't miss out! They're on super sale! $50 instead of $80. Read the full post here. I just cannot get enough of Adidas Gazelles.

J. Crew Bandana


I've been wanting to try this out for so long. How do so many people tie a bandana around their neck and look so effortlessly chic? Since I'm heading off to Europe in a few days, I picked this one up at Nordstrom the other day. I tied it around my Madewell Transport Tote (check out my last Friday Five, I talked about it there) and I got tons of compliments. It's adorable and I can't wait to put it in my hair or yes, around my neck. I'll link similar options here.

Kikki.K Gratitude Journal 


I am all about journaling. I started doing it at the beginning of 2017 because I desperately needed somewhere to get my thoughts out and on paper. I've always wanted to make it a habit of listing 3 things that I'm thankful for in each day, but I just couldn't seem to make it a habit on my own. My mom showed me this journal and I was so pumped. We picked it up and I knew this was what was going to make gratitude a habit. I'm so in love. Check out all of the other journals and such on the Kikki.K site! My cart is full of other journals that I want.

Cheeky 16 oz. Paper To-Go Cups


I'm not a hugecoffee person until I am completely exhausted to the point where I just cannot keep my eyes open any longer. This was one of those weeks and I finally perfected how I like my coffee (celebrating those little victories-- this is one for the gratitude journal!) I love these cups from Target because I almost always have to take my coffee to-go, so of course I want to look cute doing it! The Target website says that they only sell them in stores, but I have yet to be in a Target where they didn't have them, so I'm sure they're at yours too!