Friday Five 07.21.17

Helloooooo weekend! Happy Friday! I'm excited to finally share with y'all the first of many posts titled "Friday Five" I wanted a place where I could list my weekly favorites, whether it be something new that arrived at my doorstep in that week, a product that I rediscovered, or even someone's profile on Instagram. This week I got my wisdom teeth removed (ugh), so I spent a lot of time online shopping and just hanging out. Let me know in the comments if you enjoy this style post! xoxo

ALV Jewels Comet Choker

I, along with the rest of the fashion world, am in love with dainty gold jewelry. I've never really thought to layer necklaces and rings because I thought there was just too much going on, but now I've decided to just let it go. I'm obsessed. The best part about this "dainty gold jewelry" trend is that you can just skip on into Target and find amazing pieces at a price that won't leave you feeling guilty. Because of how much I have found at Target, I don't really have any desire to spend more than $20 on a necklace, but once I spotted a sale on this star choker from ALV Jewels, I grabbed it for $23 + free shipping (thank you Independence Day sales!) I'll link it below, along with the others.

What I'm Wearing:

ALV Jewels Comet Choker

Target Moon & Star Necklace

ASOS Fine Chain Choker

8oz Diet Cokes

I gave up Diet Coke back in January because I was drinking way too much. I mean, I was shaking from the caffeine so I decided to cut it out. Now that I'm back on track, I've started limiting myself to these cute little 8oz cans that you can find pretty much anywhere these days. They're a perfect size and I never find myself wasting which is always a plus. How adorable are they?

July Ipsy Bag

I didn't want to bore y'all with another post about a beauty subscription service, so I thought I'd mention my favorite Ipsy bag that I've received so far. This one was full of a little bit of everything. A highlight, moisturizer, eyeshadow brush, ugh I loved it. And the bag is adorable. Kinda weird, but adorable.


Madewell Transport Tote

This bag and I  have been through thick and thin and it still looks great. If you haven't heard about this tote from Madewell, you're missing out. I had it on my "must buy" list for a while, but decided to put it on my Christmas list with hopes that Santa would hook me up. He did. He also got it monogrammed for me. 2 years later and it still looks great! Now that I'm carrying a bag instead of a backpack I realized just how important this bag is.

Target Notebook

The dollar section, or now $1-3 section at Target never fails me. Sometimes I make the trip to Target just to check it out. Am I the only one who wishes they got notifications for when they restock the place? Anyways, I picked up this notebook for $3 the other day and I am loving it. My favorite part is that the pages aren't lined.