My Skincare Favorites


 I think I have finally mastered the perfect skincare routine for me and I thought I'd share with y'all. I have extremely dry and sensitive skin, so finding the right products for me has been quite a challenge. The winter season is usually really tough when it comes to dealing with red, dry, irritated skin. I've also struggled with eczema my entire life, and I've recently found some awesome drugstore products that have worked wonders.


Neutrogena Foaming Facial Cleanser


When this school year began, I picked this cleanser up on one of my many trips to Target. I needed something super gentle that would simply clean out my pores without any problems. Neutrogena is the drugstore brand that I go to if and when I need something that I can trust.

Philosophy 'Purity Made Simple' 


I am usually drawn to Philosophy products because of how amazing they smell. I'm obsessed with their bath products, and then one day I saw my mom using this new product. Purity is a gentle facial cleanser that leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. I love how my skin doesn't feel desperate for a moisturizer after I use this product. I keep this small bottle of it in my shower to use alongside my Clairsonic.

Lush Dark Angels 


In the past, I have only looked to Lush for their bath bombs because, well, they rock. About a year ago, however, I grabbed this cleanser simply because the charcoal was intriguing. I always want to try Lush's face masks, but the majority of them need to be refrigerated, which isn't so convenient, and also include almond oil which is limiting since I am allergic! So, I oftentimes use Dark Angels as a mask! I try not to leave it on for too long (usually, 10-15 minutes is perfect) but I also use it in the shower. The best part is, it never dries me out. It washes right off and leaves my skin feeling oh so happy. A little goes a long way with this product too, so keep that in mind

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion


When it comes to pimples, I usually don't have too much trouble. Every now and then I get one and usually when I do it's a relatively large surface pimple that simply needs to be dried out. If you experience the same thing, I definitely recommend this product. After going through your nightly skincare routine, grab this baby and dip a cotton swab down into the pink powder. The most important thing is to make sure you do not shake the bottle. When you pull the cotton swab out, you'll see that they perfect amount of pink product is there. Simply dab on the pimple you're battling and then hit the hay. When you wake up in the morning the zit will be gone, or at least 10X better than what you had before!


CLINIQUE Dramatically Different Lotion+


This was the first CLINIQUE product I ever used and it's been my #1 since middle school. These days I use it first thing in the morning before I do my makeup, and then again before I go to bed. I've also realized that it's a great product to apply before heavy moisturizer. I think it gives the other products a little "boost" to help do its job. If you're new to the CLINIQUE world or just looking for a new staple moisturizer to try, this is it!

CLINIQUE Dramatically Different Cream 


The Dramatically Different Cream is exactly as it sounds. Creamier and thicker than the lotion above. I like using this moisturizer mainly at night because sometimes it can be a little greasy when it starts to soak in. I, however, don't mind too much since my skin just craves hydration 24/7. When I wake up in the morning I still feel as if the moisture is still there! I believe that is so rare when it comes to all the different products I've tried!


CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

Recently, I learned that this mask works wonders on sunburned skin. I just spent my spring break in Naples, FL and my face was fried. This was the only heavy moisturizer/mask that I brought on the trip, and I reluctantly applied it as a last resort. I thought it was going to feel too heavy on my skin, especially since I was going to wear it out and about. It ended up keeping my skin fresh and calm all day and also helped heal my burns. Thanks to my mom for introducing me to this magical CLINIQUE product-- seriously, life-changing.

CVS Honey Dew and Chamomile Overnight Cream Mask

Once again, my mom introduced me to this one. At first, I didn't believe that a CVS product could do anything for my skin. Boy, was I wrong! First off, the smell is incredible. The perfect, light, scent that leaves you feeling fresh and clean. The mask is also extremely thick, so I like to apply a generous amount, climb into bed, and relax while I let it soak in. If you need a pamper night, run, don't walk to CVS and pick this up! Or, of course, grab your own using the link above!

SpaLife Sheet Mask

I picked this mask up at Target mainly because the entire SpaLife line looked adorable. I tried it out right when I got home and loved it. The mask was super easy to apply and it stayed in place the full 20 minutes that I wore it. The moisture that my skin grabbed onto was incredible. When the time was up I didn't rinse, I just let my skin soak up the rest of the product.



Clarisonic Mia 2

Purchasing a Clarisonic was a big decision for me. I had no idea if spending almost $200 on a skincare product would be at all worth it. I did know that I'd be extremely upset if I did buy it and end up not loving it. Finally, I decided to put some of my graduation money aside and go ahead and try it out. My mom had told me how much she used it and swore by its power.

When it first arrived, I loved how clean it made my skin feel after I used it in the shower at night. Very quickly, however, I noticed that my skin was beginning to break out in some "problem" areas on my face. I had more pimples than I had ever experienced before, and they were painful. I did some research and realized that this was completely normal and that I needed to cut back on how much I used it until my skin adapted to the product. After I took care of the breakout, my skin began to love my Clarisonic. Now I can use it every night. I leave it in the shower and use it with either of the cleansers that I mentioned above!