Hi! I’m Molly, a 21-year-old student at Liberty University who loves spending my time shopping, trying out new restaurants and cafes in D.C., browsing Pinterest to find new D.I.Y. projects to tackle, and enjoying all things college. Please allow Making Joy and Bliss to be a place where you can find all things style, home, and just real life. I hope this blog inspires you to create your own bliss and soak up every possibility to choose joy in each and every day.

Get to Know Me

Where from?

I'm from McLean, VA, a small town right outside of Washington, D.C. I grew up running around the National Mall, visiting tons of museums, and seeing shows at the Kennedy Center. I love being so close to such a great city.

I picked up and moved to Lynchburg, Virginia in fall of 2016 to attend Liberty University. It's a large Christian University and I am absolutely head over heels for the place. I never thought I’d end up at a Christian school, but it’s been one of the biggest unexpected blessings. It was one of the first times that I stopped trying to control my circumstances, and finally followed what God was calling me to.


What are you studying at Liberty University?

I'm studying Special Education! I have always wanted to be a teacher. I spent my childhood in my basement with my American Girl dolls playing "classroom." I am so fascinated by the amount of influence that teachers have on young students. I’m so close to student teaching, and then hopefully I’ll get a job semi-close to my family in the DC, Maryland, Virginia, area so that I can watch my little sister grow up and finish high school.

Do you have any siblings?

I have a little sister named Reese. She's 15 years old, so we're a full 6 years apart and I love it. Growing up, we never really needed the same type of attention from our parents, and barely fought. Sure, we had our moments (my senior year of high school I was hard on her) but she’s truly my ride or die. I was never jealous of her until she grew up and became the pretty sisters with the best grades in school ;) We're extremely close and she is definitely one of my best friends. She's a total mini-me, but at the same time we could not be more different-- we complement each other well. I adore how spunky and cool she is. Read more about her here

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Favorite Book?

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger.

Favorite Movie?

It’s a Wonderful Life and it MUST be watched in black and white only.

Any pets?

Yes! My family has a miniature poodle named Mac, and a Standard Poodle named Hoopy. Yes, Hoopy. It's cute I know. The little white doggie is my Bichon named Casper who passed away during my sophomore year of college. I love these photos of us before Mac joined the family, so I didn't want to take them down when he went to puppy heaven.

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What's your favorite pastime?

Blogging, of course! Making Joy and Bliss started when the Lord used my mom to encourage me to put all of my thoughts out into one space. It has become a place where I can interact with my favorite people, near and far from me, and where I can share the things that make my life a little more fun or easy. 

I also adore spending down-time at our little place in Solomons Island, MD. When it's spring and summer I spend every second on the boats, or kayaking, or even paddle boarding with a pup out on the water with me. We still go to the river house when it's chilly out, and that's when we light a fire, put on some music, and do puzzles as a family, read a TON of books, and did I mention I'm obsessed with word searches? 


I love love love getting a good workout in, however, I have trouble getting the most out of just going to the gym for an hour, so I really enjoy classes. In the D.C. area, my favorite class to take goes by the name of [solidcore]. It's a 50-minute, high-intensity workout that focuses on building strength by achieving muscle failure. Check out the website heremy post on the workout here!