Let's Talk Spray Tans


Recently I posted a pic professing my love of spray tans on my Instagram story and I got a ton of questions so I thought, why not do a post about it on the blog. I remember being super overwhelmed and nervous about my first time (idk, I’m weird) so I want to help anyone who feels the same way!

Why spray tan?

I am a huge fan of self-tan. I’m not anti-sun though. While you won’t catch me in a tanning bed , I definitely had my fair share of time in the sun soaking up those UV rays this summer. I adore a natural tan, however, it always fades so quickly. Now that I’m at school, I don’t have the time to lay out in the sun anymore.

I have tons of experience with at home self tanners. I have tried so many and have a few that I love (Loving Tan in Ultra Dark, and L’Oreal Sublime Bronze) but I was so tired of it coming off on my sheets, taking 30-45 minuets to apply and let it dry, and constantly smelling like self tanner. I used to only get spray tans during $5 tan week or free spray tan week, but then I realized that my Sun Tan City has a college discount so now I’m hooked (I’ll get into pricing later).

Where do I go?

I’m currently in Lynchburg, VA for school and go to Sun Tan City. When I head back home for student teaching I’ll probably go to a Palm Beach Tan because I know it’’s super similar.

What spray tan brand do I use?

VersaPro is a HEATED sunless spray tan booth. Emphasis on heated because you don’t get cold standing there (yay for your leg hair not growing back instantly). The machine literally talks to you, walking you through the entire experience. It tells you which numbers to put your toes and heels on to get you in the correct position, and explains when and where it’s going to spray (no surprises here).

How much does it cost?

My Sun Tan City location offers unlimited spray tanning for $30 a month with no commitment. It does vary location by location, but I imagine other places won’t be much different. I’ll break down why this is such a great deal. I get a new spray tan every week— I usually go every Thursday so my tan looks the most fresh during the weekend. If there are 4 weeks in a month, that’s $7.50 a tan. If you were to go to Sun Tan City for just one spray tan it would cost $24 or $50 for 3 tans.

What do I ask for?

I always get the same exact thing when I get a spray tan (I might go down one shade when it’s the dead of winter but who knows). I ask for clear medium, double legs, with hydration. The girls at tanning salons are very helpful and they know what color and shade is going to look best on you. Double legs means that the VersaPro will spray your legs twice—I like my legs to have color that will last. Hydration helps you avoid that scaly look when the tan begins to fade.

The girls will ask/offer you if you need extras. They are expensive and honestly I have never had much luck when I’ve tried them. I’m just going to be transparent here, the gals who work there make commission off of the products that you buy— sometimes, they’re pushy and I have gotten stuck feeling like I needed the spray tan primer, the spray tan extender, and the sticky pads for my feet. Y’all, you don’t need them. One time I went to get a spray tan during free spray tan week and walked out spending $30 on products. DON’T DO IT. Sorry, I said it.

How do I prepare?

The night before I go spray, typically Wednesday night I will do a full on shower routine. Girls, this is going to be the shower that takes forever— where you wash your hair, shave and exfoliate your skin, and cover your skin with moisturizer when you get out. I’ll link all of the products I use to prepare at the end of this question section.

Links: Razor || Dove Body Scrub || Exfoliate Towel || Exfoliate Gloves || Neutrogena Body Oil

What happens when I get in the spray tan room?

Get nakie. You can totally wear underwear if you want, and some gals wear a black swimsuit because they like the tan line look— totally fine! I just prefer to not deal with putting something on and taking it off. Remove all of your jewelry. Make use of the towels, hair nets, and barrier cream in the room. Put your hair up in a bun with a hair net over. LEAVE YOUR HAIRLINE AND EARS EXPOSED. One time I accidentally left my ears slightly covered by the hairnet and didn’t push it back past my hairline and it was horrible. Apply the barrier cream on your feet, hands, nails, wrists, and elbows. Throw a towel on the ground to step on when you get out (this is replacing those sticky pads that they might try to sell you). Listen to what the machine tells you, and ta-da, your spray will be complete! Step on that towel and wipe the heck out of the bottom of your feet to remove any spray that was on the floor of the machine. You don’t want the bottom of your feet to be tan!

Get dressed— the reason I get my spray tans at night is because I walk out of there looking like an actual gremlin. Since I get clear and not the instant color solution, I just look really moisturized/oily. Anyways, I bring a change of clothes to the salon so I can leave in a ratchet oversized tee that I don’t care about, nike shorts that are a size too big (easy to pull on) and flip flops. I go straight home, put a blanket down on my couch so the solution doesn’t transfer, and I chill out until I head to bed.

What happens post-spray?

Your face WILL fade fast. At least mine does— it could also be because I have very dry skin so I am always shedding those dry skin cells (ew I know). The way to keep your tan looking great is by keeping your skin moisturized. I use the body oil that I linked above after I shower because it doesn’t take much rubbing to apply it. I typically match my face with my neck and chest color using bareMinerals liquid bronzer.

Advice for removal?

I realized that if I wanted to spray tan every week, regular exfoliation wasn’t going to cut it when it came to removing the tan. I also wanted to avoid the build up that makes it look patchy if you spray on top of an old spray tan. I tried the Bondi Sands Tan Remover and I’m extremely impressed. Just follow the directions and then exfoliate it off in the shower.

Well, I think that’s it! If you have any more questions or anything you think I should add to this post, let me know! Love y’all. XOXO

Amazon Recents


I’m Amazon Prime obsessed right now. I think I’m a little late, but it is what it is. I’m sharing my recent purchases— everything’s linked! Loving these finds. XO


Star Sun Moon Earrings

I think I mentioned these in an earlier Friday Five post but I had to share them again. So light and cute.


Leopard Midi Skirt

I’m wearing a size XS. The pleating is so flattering. It’s a dupe for the version that sold out during the Nordstrom


Apple Watch Band in shade Antique White

I love this off-white shade. It goes with everything and doesn’t get the gray, dirty look that my pure white band had.


Leopard Tee

I have a size small. It’s so soft and is awesome quality. That price is unbeatable.


Initial Necklace

I typically reach for gold jewelry but for some reason I grabbed this in silver and I’m loving it.


Leopard Cardigan

I haven’t received this yet—shipping is taking forever but I knew it wasn’t going to be speedy. If you want to try it out for the fall, grab it now! I’ll keep y’all updated.


Center Console Organizer

This felt like a big girl purchase for some reason. It was dirt cheap, but I didn’t know how much I really needed it. My center console is no longer a messy black hole.


AirPod Case

So adorable. I never knew how much I needed a case on my AirPods.

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 2.59.32 PM.png

Nipple Covers

TMI? I don’t care— I wish more people suggested their favorite sticky boobs. These are really sticky, don’t fall off when I sweat, and don’t hurt when I take them off.


Eyelash Growth Serum

Y’all between taking off my lash extensions and getting them back on I tried this out because it’s only $30— WAY cheaper than others on the market. The reviews were great and let me tell ya— it’s AWESOME. I did notice a difference.


Palm Cosmetic Bag Set

I use these to organize my huge tote bags. Great quality and the pattern is fun.


Fine Tip Pens

I use these in my planner and for taking notes. They’re amazing and inexpensive!


Outfits of the Week: First Week of School Edition


Hi Making Joy and Bliss readers! Last week was my first week of classes. Kicking off my senior year of college still feels kinda weird but I’m excited for the unknown— I know God has it handled. I’m linking everything I wore last week for easy shopping. There are a bunch of affordable pieces in here from Amazon style, to American Eagle finds, and sale Free People. Let me know if you like these posts so I can keep doing them! xoxo


BP Cami || Free People Denim || Tory Burch Miller Sandals || Amazon Initial Necklace || Leopard Phone Case


Style Favorites || Summer 2019


Summer has come to a close and I’m shocked by how fast it went by. I’m really lucky to say it was my favorite summer ever. Yesterday I was scrolling back through my Instagram (anyone else stalk themselves to reminisce?) and I thought I’d share my favorite style pieces all in one blog post! I’m excited to do my best to transition some of them into fall.


Urban Outfitters Bodysuit

So comfy, true to size, and it’s ribbed to add something different. I adore this bodysuit and know that it’ll look great with jeans and a cardigan this fall.


Life Is Good ‘Yeah Bouy’ shirt

I ordered this in a size large to wear as a coverup on my trip to FL. It’s so dang soft, I know I’ll be wearing it around the apartment and sleeping in it.


Free People Tie Dye Muscle Tee

I’m wearing an XS. Shop: Pink | Blue/Green


Amazon skirt

I can’t wait to order a few more of these extremely affordable skirts. I have an addiction to Amazon fashion right now.


Abercrombie denim shorts

Not only are these shorts a steal, but everything about them is perfect. The color, the high rise, the denim quality. I’m wearing my true size 0.


Old Navy denim shorts

Speaking of denim shorts, these are even cheaper and are always on sale. True to size, and so comfy. Grab them before Old Navy transitions to fall.

Leopard bikini

Just plain cute.


Sea Shell Pink Tory Burch Miller sandals

I splurged on these to celebrate passing my first of many teacher certification exams. The color goes with everything, and the patent leather is beautiful. I promise these sandals are worth the price.


Lululemon tote

So. Many. Pockets. And such a durable bag. I’m excited to use it this semester and while student teaching.


Steve Madden platform sandals

If you need a comfortable pair of shoes… I gotchu. Buy these. I’ve worn them to death 2 summers in a row now.


American Eagle Dressing Room Diaries


Stopped by American Eagle the other day and found some cute pieces that I knew I had to share with y’all. I’m loving these pieces for fall. Each product name is a link!


Tie Dye Sweatshirt

I am living for tie dye this year. This sweatshirt is so cozy. I’m wearing a large here, but ended up taking a medium home.


Tie Wrap Mini Skirt

Such a cute fit, and is on sale for $13!

Aerie Ribbed Longsleeve

A soft, cozy, great fitting basic. I tied it up right away but I know I’ll wear it normally all fall and winter.


Neon Wrap Midi Skirt

I adore this skirt and can’t wait to wear it. The color and cut is so flattering. I’m wearing an extra small.


Leopard Wrap Mini Skirt

Same fit as the pink skirt above, but in leopard. Can’t get better than that! Wearing an extra small.


Rolling Stones T-shirt

Such a cute twist on a classic band tee. It’ll look adorable paired with a denim or army green jacket when it gets chilly.


V-neck Bodysuit

An extremely comfortable and flattering basic. Wearing a small.


Multistripe Sweater

Just plain cute. Pretty lightweight so it’s nice for those mornings when it’s cold in the morning and toasty in the afternoon. Wearing a small.


Slip Midi Skirt

I adore this color and fit. I’m wearing an extra-small.


Top Amazon Purchases


Oh, Amazon Prime. What on God’s green Earth would I do without you? Totally I’m sharing my favorite Amazon purchases of all time. This post is sure to be all over the place considering the products range from clothing to stuff for my apartment. I’m always here to point people towards good, cheap, unique finds.

Coconut oil stick

I typically use Kopari coconut oil which I adore, but this stick just makes application so much easier. Shop it here.


Empty shower bottles

My mom has been on a major organization kick, and she filled these with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. it made the shower look sleek and clean. I’m going to grab some for my apartment. Shop the set of 3 here.


Pearl studs

The size of these earrings are aggressive but that’s what makes them fun. Shop them here.


Clothing rack

One of my favorite pieces in my bedroom. The perfect way to display your favorite clothing. Shop it here.


Bullet journal pens

I use these in my Day Designer planner. They are so crisp to write with and the color is great. Shop them here.


Command under-sink storage

I use this in the cabinet under my kitchen sink. Shop here.

Table and chairs

Seriously one of my favorite finds for my apartment. So affordable for that midcentury modern look. Shop chairs. Shop table.


Sticky boobs/nipple covers

This might be TMI but these are the best ever. So sticky, and don’t fall off when you get your summer sweat on. Shop here.

Clear phone case

I’ve repurchased this multiple times because it’s just that good. Shop it here.

Smocked cropped tank

Nothing like a good Amazon clothing find! Inexpensive and just plain cute. Shop it here.

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 2.32.31 PM.png

Caramilk bars

I’m weird, I know, but these Canadian caramel chocolate bars are my absolute favorite. Shop here.


Cooler Shock Ice Packs

These ice packs are everything. We’re always going back and forth from the river house and the DC house, and these are incredible. Just read the reviews if you need further convincing.

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 2.29.22 PM.png

Friday Five 05.31.2019

Hey hey! Long time no Friday Five!

I’m finally home for summer break and am getting back into the swing of things. I am so ready to spend the time nannying and laying by the river on my days off. Here are this week’s 5 favorites.


Free People Movement Crop Top

I recently started working out again, and nothing is more motivating than a new outfit so when I saw this top I knew I had to have it. The material is amazingly sweat-wicking, and doesn't move out of place. The color is just too good as well. And the best part is, $30 isn’t too bad for an athleisure crop top.


Turkish Robe

My sweet friend Steph gave me this robe before I left school for the summer and it’s a must-have these days. I’m not a big fan of heavy robes in the summer, for obvious reasons, and this one is not only lightweight but is adorable. I got one for my mom for Mother’s Day off of Amazon! I’ll link it here! 

Nordstrom Rack

This place slayed me the other day. The Madewell, J. Crew, and Free People that they carry is always too good to be true. I stocked up on tanks and tees because they’re usually at least $5 off the usual price. I also like Nordstrom Rack because it’s so organized and you don’t have to go through racks and racks of things to find good stuff. 


Aerie Longline Swimsuit

 The colors of these suits are to die for and the fit is adorable. I love the look of this too because it looks so good with high waisted shorts for running around in the summer. It can be worn strapless or with the straps like I’m wearing (to avoid always pulling it back up). For reference, I wear a small on both top and bottom. Everything is 40% off on Aerie right now!



I honestly got these the other day because I thought it would be cute on my wrist this summer. It’s a hair tie, and the large is way too big for my short-ish, fine-ish hair to hold any actual hair look, so I need to order the small size. There are other brands of hair ties that are similar to these— but overall I’m just a fan of the look of these specific ones. I think it’s because they’re a little shiny. 

Sephora VIB Sale Picks


The Sephora sale is here! The sale started yesterday for Rogue members and my mom and I have been talking non-stop about how excited we are to stock up on all the goods.

How the sale works:

Rogue Members: 20% off with code “HEY ROGUE”. Starts April 26- May 6

VIB Members: 15% off with code “HEYVIB” starting May 2

Sign up & become an Insider: 10% off with code “HEYINSIDER”


Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer I am excited to try this out! I usually use Hangover RX Primer from Too Faced, but the packaging on this one is so cute so here I am testing this one!

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 10.34.12 PM.png

Stila Kitten Eye Shadow I recently traveled with this shadow, and when I got to my destination it had shattered. I had gotten so much use out of it though so I wasn’t too bummed, but I’m tired of using the messy crumbs of it- ha! So i’m picking up a new one. This is my ride or die inner corner shade and I use it every single day. A less expensive alternative would be the Sephora Collection shadow in the shade Satin Corset

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 10.34.35 PM.png

Bite Beauty Agave Agave Lip Mask I’m finally buying this for myself because I miss it when I’m not home & can’t borrow it from my mom. This stuff tastes incredible and is so pretty.

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 10.34.56 PM.png

Sephora Collection Outrageous Volume Mascara I ran out of this mascara a while ago and every time I go to do my eye makeup, I’m bummed that I no longer have it. The price is fabulous, too.

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 10.35.13 PM.png

Sephora Collection #LipStories I picked up two shades of these today because the price was just too good to pass up— only $8 before the 20% off. I grabbed shades 3— Qui! and 6—Tan Lines

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 2.10.20 PM.png

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Setting Spray I’m trying this out in the mini size because the packaging is adorable and the scent is amazing. I’ll keep y’all updated once I get to using it.

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 2.15.55 PM.png


Tangle Teezer Hairbrush I need a new brush & have always wanted to try this one. ‘Nuff said.

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 10.35.31 PM.png

Sephora Collection Teaser Brush This teaser brush is on sale + the 20% off. Nothing like a good tease for a night out.


Quai Texturizing Hairspray This hairspray blows my mind. I’ll curl my hair, spray this product, and then the curls won’t move for the rest of the day. THEN, I’ll sleep with the curls, brush them out the next morning, and I have awesome 2nd day hair. I also love that my hair never feels crunchy and I can run my fingers through it with no problem.

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 10.36.02 PM.png

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Tea Tree Treatment I have eczema on my scalp flare up occasionally, and this is the only stuff that works to clear it up in less than 12 hours.

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 10.36.27 PM.png

Oraplex Hair Perfecter No. 3 This sure is an interesting product that I saw results from using 2 times. It’s not a conditioner, and needs to be used in a specific way. It is a treatment that you use on wet hair before shampooing. It bonds brokenness in your hair and strengthens it. Read more about it on the Sephora website, or even Google it to hear all of the amazing things people are saying about it.

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 10.24.07 PM.png

Bumble & Bumble Thickening Texture Spray I’m always looking for products that will enhance my natural hair during the summer because I rarely use heat on it. I’m excited to try this out to see if it makes my straight/wavyish hair cute for everyday.

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 2.18.27 PM.png


Purity Made Simple Cleanser I adore this simple cleanser and use it in the shower every night. I love that it doesn’t strip my skin of moisture.

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 10.45.17 PM.png

Clinique Moisture Surge I’ve used this moisturizer for years now and am always repurchasing it. I love grabbing it for a discount.

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 10.45.48 PM.png

Style Spotlight || Where to Shop for Unique Timepieces


Hello, hello Making Joy and Bliss readers! I’m so excited to be writing this blog post with JORD Watches. When they reached out to collaborate I was ecstatic because these watches are beautiful. These luxury, wooden watches have features that are so different and that’s why I was so drawn to them. It’s been really fun to take a break from my other watches to style the uniqueness of this JORD watch. The wood, rose gold, and royal blue face have all of my people grabbing my wrist and asking about it.

Not only is the watch itself beautiful, but the packaging was so impressive. The cedar box came engraved with MJ&B for Making Joy & Bliss— it was such a nice touch. My watch also came sized perfectly for my wrist which I really appreciated. Each watch also has a one year warranty and the JORD customer service is wonderful.

I’m thrilled to be hosting a GIVEAWAY with JORD! One Making Joy & Bliss reader will win $100 towards any watch. All other entrants will be sent a code 10% off any watch on the website!

LINK TO ENTER: https://www.jordwatches.com/g/makingjoyandbliss

Giveaway closes April 28, 2019 @ 11:59pm


Friday Five 03.29.2019


Hello hello! Is it warm where you are? The weather in Lynchburg, VA is to die for. I’m excited to share my Friday Five with y’all.


Chick-Fil-A Vanilla Iced Coffee

Ugh, it’s just so good. I add a Splenda for extra sweetness but that’s just my personal preference. There’s something about that CFA ice and the fact that it’s not bitter that is just delicious. It’s also think it’s relatively inexpensive compared to Starbucks.


Bittersweet Boutique

This adorable store is a Lynchburg favorite of mine, but for those of you who don’t have a store close to you, shop online! All of the pieces are so unique and they carry brands like Free People, Thread & Supply, For Love and Lemons, and ASTR. I love this skirt from the boutique and am so happy that it’s warm out again so I can wear it.


Clothing Rack

I got this baby from Amazon and I love it. The rack is sturdy and I fell back in love with it when I hung some of my spring favorites on it this past week. Shop it here.


Picture of Mac

This isn’t something you can purchase through a link but I just had to share it. He has so much personality it’s ridiculous. I’ve loved being home with him recently and wish every day that I could have him with me in Lynchburg, even though he barks a lot.


American Eagle Clearance Section

Get to American Eagle ASAP and go straight back to the sale section. Okay, I have to admit, the black off the shoulder top isn’t on sale but it is only $18 right now. I’ll link these tops in order. Excuse my faces. These dressing room selfies were originally sent to my girlfriends but I just had to share with you.

Pink Embroidered Top // Black Off The Shoulder Top // Cream Embroidered Top // Patterned Blouse


Friday Five 03.15.2019


Hi from Park City, Utah! It’s currently 22 degrees outside and snowing. While I’m not usually one for cold weather, this place is beautiful. I travel here often with the family that I nanny for, and at any time of the year it is truly unbelievable. The trees are either full and green in the spring and summer, golden in the fall, or covered in snow in the winter. I totally think that I’m suffering from a mean case of cabin fever, so I’ve been sitting here planning things for the kids and I to do before I leave on Saturday. Anyways, a life update is not the topic of this post! Here are some of my must-haves from this week of travels! 


Make-Up Bag

So, my toiletry bag fell apart during my last travel adventure, so I searched Amazon for a while to pick a new one. I decided to try this one. It’s a little weird to explain, but basically, it lays flat, so that all of your products can be seen. When you want to close it, you pull the drawstrings, and secure it with the velcro. It’s pouch-like. I really love it for my makeup. It makes getting ready in a bathroom that isn’t yours so much easier. 


Sam Edelman Boots 

I grabbed these at Nordstrom Rack at the end of the summer hoping that I’d get some good use out of them. They’ve been the star of this Utah trip. Not only are they super comfortable, but they are also really warm. It’s been fun wearing them with different socks to make any outfit a little more “Utah.” I wore them through the airport and on the plane and I was pleasantly surprised that they were easy to slip on and off at security. I’ll link similar styles!

Sorel || J. Crew || Sperry

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 7.21.28 PM.png

Warm Essentials Layers 

These aren’t the most fancy, intense warm layers out there, but let me tell you, they work. I’ve been wearing this brand ever since back in the day when I played lacrosse. Some games were frigid and they never let me down. Most styles have thumb holes which I appreciate because it keeps the snow from sneaking under my jacket at the wrists when I’m playing in the snow with the kids. Shop here.


L’Oreal Glotion 
This is my ride-or-die product right now. It has been for the last year or so— ever since L’oreal’s “Lumi” line came out. My answer to the question, “If you could only use one make-up product for the rest of your life what would it be?” used to be mascara, however, after this trip to UT I’ve decided this would be my answer. I don’t have much time in the morning to make myself feel human with the kiddos running around needing to be entertained, so I just swipe this all over my face, and ta-da, I have a little color and glow to my face. I wear the shade medium and blend it down to my neck. I crave the tan life. 


Olly Hair growth vitamins 

Let me explain how I know these are working. My baby hairs are out of control. I threw my thin hair up into a ponytail the other day and within an hour, new hair was in my face. I was literally jumping up and down at the growth. I’ve struggled with my hair ever since this time last year, and never felt like anything I took or any products that I used actually worked. But between taking two of these gummies a day, a 500mg biotin pill, and Vitron-C, I’m ready to watch my hair get even better. 


My Clarins | New Skincare


I am so excited to share about a new vegan-friendly, healthy skincare line, My Clarins, which will be available exclusively at Ulta in March! The blend of these incredible, wholesome ingredients is what makes the products so interesting to me. The products remove what’s bad, and gives your skin what’s good to ensure that you feel encouraged to take care of that beautiful face of yours! I thought I’d take a minute to talk about the products that I’ve tried from the line so I can share my must-haves in case you are interested in trying it out for yourself.

My Clarins is free from any icky stuff like phthalates, parabens, and sulfates which is always a win in my book. The products are made from some of the most interesting fruits to give your skin elements it didn’t even know that it needed, and also smells delicious. And how adorable is the packaging? It’s made from recycled materials.

Re-Move Micellar Cleansing Milk

This micellar milk is light and creamy which makes taking off your making luxurious. I use it on my eyes with no problem, and it’s super hydrating which is essential for me.

Re-Boost Refreshing Hydrating Cream

This cream-gel texture has gogi berry extract to energize your skin in the morning, fig extract for moisture, and tamarind fruit acid for smooth and rosy skin.

Re-Fresh Hydrating Beauty Mist

This mist has the best ingredients— fig extract for moisture, acerola seed extract to bring out your skin’s best features, and robinia flower water to soften your skin. It awakens my skin in the morning, and erases signs of sleep.

Re-Charge Relaxing Sleeping Mask

This is my favorite product throughout the entire line. This relaxing sleep mask works wonders for my skin while I sleep. I use it every night and my skin never wakes up feeling tight or desperate for a moisturizer.

*This post is in collaboration with My Clarins. All opinions are honest and my own. *


Friday Five 03.01.2019


Happy March, y’all. Spring is making its way towards us and I couldn’t be more ready to hear the birds chirping and to feel that vitamin C on my skin. I’m here today with a new Friday Five for you!

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 4.28.40 PM.png

Invisibobble Slim

Ever since I chopped my hair off back in October, these have been my favorites. I’ve always loved Invisibobble, but the slim ones are a game changer for short, or thin hair. Also, they look pretty cute on your wrist! 


Kohl’s Denim

Y’all, I never thought I would be writing this on the blog but here I am. Last week I went by Kohl’s on a whim to check out the line that Lauren Conrad has there. As I was walking out empty handed, I saw these jeans and tried them on because I loved the wash and don’t feel confident in a single pair of my jeans these days. These are awesome. AND they cost me only $20. The fit is so cute, they’re high waisted, and the distressing is in all of the right places. I’ll link them here.



Brett and I went home last weekend to visit my family at the river house in Solomon’s Island. B brought my dad a polo from one of his favorite companies, Rhoback. He’s also an ambassador for the brand, so if you use the code MILLER10, you’ll get $10 off of your purchase! How adorable are they in their matching polos?

Dad’s polo: here | Brett’s polo: here

This month’s Rocksbox

Look how cute these pieces are from Rocksbox! A little Kendra Scott, some adorable earrings, and a dainty bracelet that I haven’t taken off since I received it. Rocksbox is a try before you buy service, where you receive 3 pieces of jewelry that are carefully chosen based on your style quiz, for $21 a month. If you want to buy any of the pieces from your set, you can put that $21 that you paid for the month towards keeping any of your jewelry! Your first month can be FREE using my code MAKINGJOYANDBLISSXOXO


Baby’s Breath

Whenever I need a quick pick-me-up, flowers are what come to mind, so I run to my local grocery, and pick up a bouquet of Baby’s Breath for $4, split the bouquet,


Friday Five 01.25.19

It’s the first Friday Five post of 2019, and man, am I excited. If you’re a new reader, hi! I’m Molly and writing these posts get me so excited! Just so that you’re in the loop, Friday Five posts consist of my five things from the week that I absolutely adored. Sometimes it’s new clothing pieces, a moment that I experienced, food, music, or something else totally random. I’m pretty sure I’ve written about when I discovered my favorite deodorant— I’m just trying to keep it real here!

Ugg Slippers


I was in desperate need of new Ugg slippers. I only had my old ones for a year but they were disgusting. The fur on the heel was no where to be found; they had been chewed by the dogs, gone through mud, snow, and sat in the sunshine too. Right after Christmas, Nordstrom had their huge sale and these grey ones were only $80. I really wanted the chestnut ones, but I just couldn’t pay full price for slippers. So, I got these and I ended up adoring them. I also like the thicker sole because I think they will hold up a little better than the others.

Marie Kondo


Along with every other women on this planet, I’m obsessed with Marie Kondo. I’m not the biggest fan of her Netflix show (truthfully, I felt like I was watching a show about hoarders). BUT her method is awesome and has helped me declutter and my closet drawers make me so happy every time I open them. I learned the most about her from Pinterest.

Lou and Grey V-day Line


Okay, this stuff is just TOO CUTE. I don’t own any of it, but it’s a daily struggle trying to keep myself from spending all of my money on the entire shop. Lou & Grey’s instagram had the cutest fill in the blank for the card above. It said, “You’re the Ina to my Jeffrey” if you watch Food Network, you know. I’m a size small, if someone wants to confess their love for me before the 14th.

Raspberries & Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips Snack


I eat this for desert almost every night, and it’s really starting to break the bank because raspberries are expensive, ha! But this combo is just too good. I also combine blueberries and semi-sweet chocolate chips as well. It’s enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, but not enough to make you feel icky or like you indulged.

Day Designer Planner


Y’all, I left my planner at home when I came back to school for this semester. So when classes started, I was running around like a mad woman. I was all kinds of scatter-brained and confused. It was pathetic. I couldn’t keep track of anything. I finally confessed to my mom that I thought I lost it, but she saved the day (per usual) and found it in my closet back home in DC. She sent it to me and it showed up the next day— momma, you’re an angel.

This planner is just too dang good. It has a page for each day which sounds extremely extra, but if you’re someone who likes to write all over, have a million lists, and is always jotting down inspiration, you need that space! It’s something you splurge on, which is why I was so devastated when I thought I lost it, but I promise it’s worth it. Shop my exact one here.

Let's Talk Professional Dress Codes

Molly Blog Shoot-MollyMJAB-0324.jpg

I’m studying elementary and special education here at Liberty University and am loving it. As I’ve progressed in my degree, I have begun to spend more and more time in the elementary schools observing and teaching. Cue appropriate dress! In the school system, most teachers are in business causal. Luckily, I grew up with a momma who was a queen in my eyes when it came to dressing with style, but also appropriately. One of my earliest memories of women who rocked it in the workplace was my elementary school counselor. I remember her always wearing color and awesome, chunky jewelry. It made me realize that “adult clothes” can be fun.

I’m going to break down a few categories and then talk about my go-to’s.

Business Professional options: Suit, skirt and blouse, dress, and always a jacket/blazer.

Business Casual options: Don’t worry about a blazer for this one. Nice pants and a sweater will be just fine. A blouse and a cardigan, with pants too. No denim.

Since I’m working with kids all day and comfort is an important factor, we’re expected to be dressed in business casual. And sure, I totally see some teachers in jeans and t-shirts— BUT one of my favorite things that a professor of mine reminds us of is “Those teachers are already hired, you, however, are jobless.” Good point, Professor S.

Throughout my 3 years of doing practicums in schools I have learned that investing in a few staples is critical, and then stocking up on other basics builds a professional wardrobe quickly. Accessorizing is what makes professional dress less boring. Sure, you’ll find yourself in black pants with a grey sweater on plenty of times, but if you switch the SHOES and the EARRINGS, boom. New outfit.

Okay, let’s get to where to shop—

J. Crew & J. Crew Factory— J. Crew pants are something I think I will always invest in. These Cameron pants are my favorite and here’s why: they’re high waisted. I cannot stand low rise pants, especially when I’m always crouching down to work with students. I’m really not interested in having my butt out while in the classroom. Check them out here. I really want to stress here that having an appropriate wardrobe for a job does not mean you need to go and spend hundreds of dollars on J.Crew business-wear. I do, however, love these pants right here. J. Crew is currently doing 25% off full-price styles, btw.

Old Navy— I also love getting pants from here! I also love getting fun pieces here like printed blouses or pants in a little bit of an “out there” color. The Pixie’s are my go-to. Shop them here.

Gap— I only shop Gap when there’s a sale. There’s almost always some kind of promotion going on. I love their cardigans and their blouses. For some reason I always gravitate towards their scarves too (a great way to accessorize when it gets chilly).

Target— Who What Wear, A New Day, Prologue, Knox Rose are my favorite lines for professional dress. Last year, when I felt desperate for more professional clothing, I realized what a jackpot the Target clearance section is. I find that I have more success with it in the winter/early spring time because so many heavy sweaters and blouses are always popping up in there.

Loft— I love all the pieces that my mom has passed down to me from Loft. I actually haven’t shopped there for myself yet, (I feel like shopping at Loft means I’m actually an adult so I’m taking my time) but I know one day I will. Oftentimes they are having good sales, so avoid buying anything full price! My professor mentioned that they have a teacher/student discount, so I’ll have to check that out!


Madewell— I like to splurge on Madewell every once in a while when I’m feeling fancy. Of course only when it’s on sale but I still feel like it’s a splurge. This blouse here is one of my favorites. I wore it to church with jeans and wedges and then also wore it with black pants.

Shoe Options (my favorites):

Steve Madden (black leather) & leopard

My mom introduced me to these shoes and I adore them. I tend to stay away from flats with backs to them because they can HURT! These, however, are so soft so that’s not an issue. I got the black leather first, and then just got the leopard for my birthday. I swear leopard is a neutral, so get those first ;)


Target A New Day— Velma Pointy Toe & Anney mules

My all-time favorites.


Dry Skin Must-Haves


Hello, hello! Today I’m here to talk about something that I feel very passionate about— the battle against dry skin. Between my mom and I, we have spent countless hours researching and a ridiculous amount of money trying to help my parched skin. While I swear there’s no “cure”, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I know will help some of you. These products, many of which are from the drugstore, when used consistently have helped me train my skin to hold on to moisture for dear life.

Neutrogena Body Oil 

My favorite post-shower! All you do is pat skin with a towel until you’re damp, or just do a little shake to get the water off. Then rub this stuff all over. I recommend doing it at night so it doesn’t just soak into your daytime clothes. You’ll notice a major difference.

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 5.22.34 PM.png


My holy grail! Use it on your face, your hands, your whatever! I adore this stuff.


Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

Because my skin is insanely dry, I oftentimes use this as a regular moisturizer, not just overnight. I love it, and have been reaching for it for two years now.

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 5.21.00 PM.png

Aveeno Eczema Therapy Lotion

A moisturizer that tackles dry spots! I have friends who use this stuff who don’t have eczema, so don’t let the name steer you away!


Too Faced Hangover RX Setting Spray

I’ve tried so many setting sprays and this is my favorite because my skin feels hydrated through the entire day. When I get in the shower at night, the water beads off of my face until I go after it with soap! Amazing.


Coconut Oil

Viva Naturals:  this is my favorite affordable coconut oil that I ordered off of Amazon. I use it for hair masks all of the time, but I also used it all summer whenever my skin would get a little burnt from being under the sun all day.

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 5.26.05 PM.png

Kopari: I use this coconut oil for all of the same reasons as the one above, this one is just a little pricier.


SkinFix Daily Lotion: this is my favorite lotion to put on every morning before I get dressed. It’s super light so it soaks into my skin quickly and keeps me hydrated until my shower at night.


First Aid Beauty Oatmeal Mask

Every once in a while I will have tragic skin issues. This mask never fails to calm my skin and any dry, irritated, itchy spots. Obsessed.

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 5.17.18 PM.png

Changing the Toothbrush Game: Let's Talk Quip

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 5.13.32 PM.png

When I got the chance to try a Quip toothbrush I was stoked. I haven’t used an electric toothbrush in years. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. I cannot stand having bulky chargers and wires on my bathroom counter.

  2. Rotating brush heads are way too aggressive for my liking.

  3. Typical electric toothbrushes are usually too bulky to travel with.

  4. When you do travel with one, you usually have to lug the charger around from your home to your destination.

Quip’s unique electric toothbrush eliminates all of those.

  1. No bulky chargers. The toothbrush is powered by one, AAA battery.

  2. Quip’s brush head doesn’t rotate. It gently vibrates with 30 second intervals and has soft but strong bristles that do not bend out of shape.

  3. Quip is the exact same size as any other toothbrush— it’s better looking too! It’s so dang sleek, y’all.

  4. The battery inside of your toothbrush will last 3 months. No need to worry.

One of my favorite things about Quip is how easy and inexpensive it is to replace your brushed and the battery inside. When you get your Quip toothbrush, hop on their website and sign up for the refill subscription. Once every 3 months, you will be sent a new brush head and battery for $5. Yes, you read that right. Only $5 for a fresh brush head and battery. Y’all, this shocked me considering other brush heads can cost up to $30 for a pack of 2.

I’ve been using my toothbrush for three months now and I love it. I’m excited to brush my teeth. I can feel a difference in my gum health and it’s awesome. Flossing is also way less painful which I totally attribute to the way in which this toothbrush is cleaning. My new brush head is waiting for me at my apartment!


Pom Pom Christmas Tree DIY


Hello, hello and Merry Christmas ;)

Over Thanksgiving break mom and I were at Hobby Lobby drooling over the Christmas decor for almost 2 hours. I had a random desire to do a little project to unwind and add some Christmas cheer. So, why not share it with you here! These little pom pom trees were so fun and easy, and similar ones also go for around $25 EACH, so you might as well make your own.


What you’ll need:

Foam cones— I used floral cones because they were green so if there were any tiny spaces between pom poms, green would be shown. You can find these at any craft story. Inexpensive, too!

Pom poms—Hobby Lobby was having 50% off pom poms so each bag ended up being $1. I ended up needed to go back to grab some more though so keep that in mind. You can always return bags that you don’t need! Some of the trees I did had only one size, but then on some trees (like on the red and white one) I used multiple sizes. Get creative.

Hot glue— I love mini hot glue guns. They’re never more than $6 and they come in handy all the time. I used a good amount to ensure that the pom poms wouldn’t have any chance of falling off.

Next, just go for it! Start from the bottom and start gluing your poms on there! Make sure you add a few at the top to make that distinct “point". I liked packing the pom poms close together on some trees, but on others I filled gaps in with smaller ones.

At the end, you might need to lint roll your trees to get rid of the stringy hot glue or anything else that the poms picked up.

Have fun with it! Send me pics on Instagram @makingjoyandbliss if you end up making your own! P.S. my apartment Christmas decor is coming soon.


Friday Five 10.19.2018


Hi hi! We made it to Friday!

I’m currently sitting in class and should probably be paying attention but I’m also 30 minutes away from eating Chick-fil-a so, you get what I’m saying. Here are my favorites from the week. Comment your favorites so I can try some new stuff out! And don’t forget! You are loved and are on this earth for a reason! God woke you up this morning!


Butter Bronzer

I’m guilty of falling into the Butter Bronzer obsession. But seriously, this stuff feels like butter on my skin and the best part— it smells so dang good. I will hug someone and they’ll say “wow you smell like coconuts.” AND THAT’S THE BRONZER. and that’s the tea. Go buy some here.


Coconut oil hair masks

I hated on coconut oil for months. My mom kept begging me to use it. “It’ll help your eczema.” “It works wonders for my hair.” “Use it with your essential oils!” MOM, I don’t like the way it smells! Okay, so I got over that, and now I can’t stop using it. Hair masks specifically— all you gotta do is throw some in your hand, and work it through your hair. I’m fascinated by the fact that it melts when it makes contact with your body heat. I really don’t think you need to spend a fortune on that stuff you can only get at Sephora. I grabbed this one on Amazon Prime and adore it. I’ll link that stuff, and the boujee one too. Check it out here. 


The Weekend (Funk Wav remix)

Reese and I scream-sang this song all summer and I’ve been meaning to share it with you for months. If you love SZA’s album like I do, you’ll love this. Nuff said.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 4.12.34 PM.png

Shark Pro Cordless Vacuum

This gadget is my favorite thing in my house. You think I’m kidding, but it was the best $130 I have ever spent. After living in a dorm for two years, I realized how much I appreciate vacuums. My hair is always shedding like crazy, and I guess I just notice dirt, but cheap vacuums just didn’t do it for me. This baby is just too good. The best part? It has lights on the front of the vacuum that shows you the dirt. You can literally see where you’ve already cleaned and where you need to give a little extra love. I think this is one of the best options if you want something nice, but without that Dyson $500 price tag. You can shop it hereBed Bath & Beyond always has coupons so make sure you look for one online before you buy!


Target Fall Decor

So I have a Christmas decor obsession. I am planning to go all out over here and it all starts November 1 in my mind— take me to jail. Anyways, I wanted some fall decor but wasn’t interested in breaking the bank. To Target I went! The dollar spot is too good, y’all. Everything here is from Tar-jay except for the cute pumpkins. Those came from my momma :)


My Graphic Tee Obsession


Hello, Autumn and hello to my graphic tees. I’ve missed one of my go-to outfits the past few months. Denim jacket, graphic tee, leggings, and a pair of sneakers. Now that we had a chilly day in DC over fall break, I went to pick up some pumpkins with momma and ended up in that exact outfit. I thought a post dedicated to my favorite places to grab the best graphic tees would be fun. 


Bittersweet Boutique 

One of my new favorites in Lynchburg! We desperately need more shopping locations in my college town, and this one does not disappoint! They are always getting new inventory in so the styles are always changing which is so fun. Did I mention they carry Free People? The vibe in the store is so cool and so are the people who work there. Follow them on insta— @shopbittersweet. 

American Eagle

I always feel like American Eagle has this reputation for being strictly a store for middle schoolers but let me tell ya, I love me some AE. Especially Aerie. Anyways, I’m always finding soft tees here that are so freaking cute. I’ll link some that I am loving below. AE is having a huge sale right now! Everything is 40-60% off!



I swear, anything you could ever want style-wise is on ASOS. They also have a 10% student discount! Many people struggle with sizing on ASOS, so for reference, I wear a 4. 



I’m so obsessed with every shirt that I end up with at Pacsun. I always grab a medium or a large so that I can tie it or tuck it in and have a relaxed look— it’s totally personal preference. I think the reason that I always stop in Pacsun for their tees is that they’re so soft and they’re always having deals on them. 


Oh, Target. You never fail me. Tar-jay is where my graphic tee obsession started. They have that table just FULL of them that I always passed by without stopping, and now I’m always grabbing new ones. Again, I size up for comfort. 

Forever 21


I never thought I’d be writing about F21 on this blog because the store stresses me out so much but here I am. I stopped in with my little sister a few months ago because she wanted to and is way more patient than I. While I was wandering around aimlessly, I came across this tee and immediately picked it up. While I can’t say I have shopped at Forever 21 since, I will say I’m no longer skeptical of why the place is so loved. 

Similar “Sassy” shirt: here