February 14 || What's on my brain


I’ll just go ahead and admit it— I try my very best every year to be bitter towards Feb 14. Boyfriend or not, I spend the weeks leading up to this day rolling my eyes at the v-day section in Target and saying “Oh, it’s just another day.” I try so hard to get myself into the mentality that a day dedicated to celebrating people you adore is ridiculous, however, this year, things felt drastically different.

I think the reason my feelings towards today were so unfamiliar is because I am overflowing with the love of Jesus. Today I cracked my Bible open to 1 John 4:19 “We love because He first loved us” and honestly, that verse just made me want to run and tell all of my people how much I am grateful for them. That verse reminded me to let go of any bitterness towards anyone who has hurt me in the past. It reminded me to love myself and let go of any of my own mistakes that felt extra heavy. The verse reminded me that today isn’t a day just about significant others. It’s a day of reminding us to reset our minds and focus on what the Lord wants us to do: love each other. The important thing that I’m telling myself over and over again is that Jesus isn’t telling us to just love those who we like, or even those people that we’re just “okay” with. He's telling us to love those people who still cause that little sting in your heart when you think of them. Love those who you don’t speak to. Love those who are difficult to love because you are one of them.

So, sure, you can look at February 14th as a day of silly, annoying, commercialized love. Or you can call your grandma and tell her how much you love her. You can let your professor know you appreciate all you do. You can give the receptionist at your office a gift card to a place for lunch down the street. You can remind your kiddos how you’ll love them forever. You can even text that friend that you haven’t heard from in months to remind them that they’re important. Just break down that wall around your heart that puts a bitter view around this day. Oh, and do not forget to let others love you too. You are valued. You are precious. You are cherished. You don’t need flowers to tell you that. Soak in the love that the King of all Kings has for you. It will never run out, disappoint, or fail you.

Photo details: Top: TJMaxx | Jeans: Topshop | Couch: IKEA | Pillows: Home Goods & TJMaxx | Throw Blanket: Anthropologie | Cow print: Home Goods (I still see him at tons of different locations) | Faux Fur Pelt Throw: Target