Making Money on Poshmark

  I originally stumbled across Poshmark in late 2015 when I was looking for a pair of Nike Frees that were sold out in stores. I saw that sellers were listing brands such as Lululemon, J. Crew, and Lilly Pulitzer-- all of which I adored. I was amazed by all that I had previously missed out on, and even more amazed by the fact that listing items on Poshmark were so simple. I knew that people had sold things on eBay, but I was overwhelmed by how large the site was, and had no idea where to start. When I decided to list a pair of old, gold Jack Rogers on Poshmark, and 24 hours later, they had sold for $30. I had just made a profit off of a pair of shoes that I had almost sent to Goodwill! Ever since my first Posh sale, I have made almost $1,400! Yippee!

Getting started on Poshmark is quick and easy with these simple tips & tricks!

Sign up and start listing!

1) Download the app, and make an account!

You can also register online, however, using the app makes listing your items so much easier. I encourage connecting your Pinterest account to your Poshmark closet to showcase items there as well. Enabling this means reaching an entirely different audience!

2) Create a listing with some information about you. Tell your followers what your most-worn brands are, so that they know what to expect from your closet.

3) List, list, list!

A full closet will show your followers that you are committed, so it is important to have at least 10 items listed before you can expect any real action.

Photo Quality

Photo quality is crucial. The clarity of the photo is what allows buyers to imagine themselves wearing the item for sale. Make sure to have a simple background to limit distractions, and do not forget to include photos of any damage to the item whatsoever. Always inform potential buyers of any issues no matter how small. If a buyer receives an item with an unexpected flaw, he or she could possibly leave a review that could ruin your reputation on Poshmark.

Title & Description Box

Be specific when you title your items; I typically follow this pattern: brand name, item type, size. For example-- J. Crew, Cashmere Sweater, Size M.

Getting the most out of the description box oftentimes requires some research. I usually hop on Google and find as much information about the item as I can. If possible, include what materials make up the item and any measurements. If the brand has given the item a name, include it. For example, "J. Crew Tippi Sweater" or "Lululemon Wunder Under Pant."


When it comes to pricing, keep in mind that Poshmark takes 20% of your sale and that people love to negotiate as well. Over the past year, I have learned that it's okay to price your items higher than you believe they will actually sell for in order to discount the item later and negotiate with buyers as well. This also allows for buyers to appreciate the deal they are getting by shopping secondhand!

"Posh Parties"

"Parties" on Poshmark are essential when it comes to increasing activity in your closet. Take the time to click the "share" button on items that relate to the parties you take part in. The more you share your listings in parties, the more buyers will see all the fabulousness that your closet has to offer!

Responding to Comments

Who doesn't love good service when it comes to shopping? If a seller is speedy in the comment sections of her listings, it makes the buyer even more inclined to purchase the item. If the potential buyer has a question that you cannot answer right away, it's always best to reply with a short & sweet, "I'm not home right now, but I'll be back by 3 pm and will check on the measurements for you!" This lets them know that you are active and willing to help them out.


My absolute favorite part about Poshmark is how easy-peasy shipping your items are. Shipping costs the buyer $5 and is added to the cost of the item they purchase.  The item can be placed in any type of shipping bag or box (shop my favorite here) and then dropped off at the Post Office or in your personal mailbox for pick-up!


Make sure to visit my closet on Poshmark, and leave me a comment so I can check yours out too! I hope you enjoyed today's post! Until next time!