Christmas Dorm Decor on a Budget


Christmas is here, y'all. Now, trust me, I'm not skipping out on Thanksgiving. How could one ever forget the beautiful Thanksgiving holiday? But last year during my freshman year of college I learned that the Christmas season flies by. We go home for Thanksgiving break, then head back to school for 2 weeks, and then I'm back home for a short 10 days before Christmas day makes its appearance. I felt like I didn't even get to soak up all of the lights and Christmas music! So this year I decided that I would break my own rules and start decorating the day after Halloween. So here's to being holly jolly for an extra month!

Now let's be real, decorating for Christmas ain't cheap. BUT, the Target dollar section totally blew my mind this year, and I also headed to Michaels craft store and saw that everything was 50% off! Plus, an extra 20% off if you used an online coupon! Oh man, I love a good sale! 

When looking for dorm decorating ideas on Pinterest I struggled to find anything great, so here I am with tons of photos and inexpensive ideas for you college girls who want to decorate too. 


My headboard is from Pottery Barn Teen and is also a bulletin board which really helps when it comes to hanging things from it, or keeping lights in their place. 


This letter board has been one of my favorite parts of my room this year. I used to change it a ton, but now Micah does it for me because she loves looking for cute quotes on Pinterest. Ha! She's the best. This one is from Amazon. 

IMG_7106 2.JPG

Instant decor idea: throw some candy canes in a cup! I had to sacrifice a Mason jar and stores some pens away for this, but how cute right? If you don't have a jar on hand, head into any dollar store and you can find great ones there!


Since the majority of these decor items are from the dollar section, it is tricky to link them directly. I'll list them here so you know where to go look for things, but anything in bold letters are linked!  


Joy pillow | "Merry Christmas" banner | Mini stocking | Tree lights | Plaid throw blanket


Ceiling snowflakes | Silver garland | 

*Tassels are D.I.Y. -- Tutorial coming soon!