Friday Five 01.25.19

It’s the first Friday Five post of 2019, and man, am I excited. If you’re a new reader, hi! I’m Molly and writing these posts get me so excited! Just so that you’re in the loop, Friday Five posts consist of my five things from the week that I absolutely adored. Sometimes it’s new clothing pieces, a moment that I experienced, food, music, or something else totally random. I’m pretty sure I’ve written about when I discovered my favorite deodorant— I’m just trying to keep it real here!

Ugg Slippers


I was in desperate need of new Ugg slippers. I only had my old ones for a year but they were disgusting. The fur on the heel was no where to be found; they had been chewed by the dogs, gone through mud, snow, and sat in the sunshine too. Right after Christmas, Nordstrom had their huge sale and these grey ones were only $80. I really wanted the chestnut ones, but I just couldn’t pay full price for slippers. So, I got these and I ended up adoring them. I also like the thicker sole because I think they will hold up a little better than the others.

Marie Kondo


Along with every other women on this planet, I’m obsessed with Marie Kondo. I’m not the biggest fan of her Netflix show (truthfully, I felt like I was watching a show about hoarders). BUT her method is awesome and has helped me declutter and my closet drawers make me so happy every time I open them. I learned the most about her from Pinterest.

Lou and Grey V-day Line


Okay, this stuff is just TOO CUTE. I don’t own any of it, but it’s a daily struggle trying to keep myself from spending all of my money on the entire shop. Lou & Grey’s instagram had the cutest fill in the blank for the card above. It said, “You’re the Ina to my Jeffrey” if you watch Food Network, you know. I’m a size small, if someone wants to confess their love for me before the 14th.

Raspberries & Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips Snack


I eat this for desert almost every night, and it’s really starting to break the bank because raspberries are expensive, ha! But this combo is just too good. I also combine blueberries and semi-sweet chocolate chips as well. It’s enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, but not enough to make you feel icky or like you indulged.

Day Designer Planner


Y’all, I left my planner at home when I came back to school for this semester. So when classes started, I was running around like a mad woman. I was all kinds of scatter-brained and confused. It was pathetic. I couldn’t keep track of anything. I finally confessed to my mom that I thought I lost it, but she saved the day (per usual) and found it in my closet back home in DC. She sent it to me and it showed up the next day— momma, you’re an angel.

This planner is just too dang good. It has a page for each day which sounds extremely extra, but if you’re someone who likes to write all over, have a million lists, and is always jotting down inspiration, you need that space! It’s something you splurge on, which is why I was so devastated when I thought I lost it, but I promise it’s worth it. Shop my exact one here.