Friday Five 09.08.17

First Day of Sophomore Year Photo Just for Mom ;)   Jeans :  Madewell   Shoes :  Stan Smith- Copper   Top:   Madewell Whisper Tee   Bandana:   J.Crew

First Day of Sophomore Year Photo Just for Mom ;)

JeansMadewell Shoes: Stan Smith- Copper Top: Madewell Whisper Tee Bandana: J.Crew

Eeeek, I conquered the first week of school.  I am so happy to be back at Liberty University. I'm also so happy to be back on a normal schedule. This also means that it's easy to be more committed when it comes to posting on Making Joy and Bliss! I'm here today with another Friday Five! This list is pretty much just beauty products but I've been in love with trying new things out this week. I've been to Target 5 times so far. Can't stop won't stop. Yikes

Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo


This is my life saver after a week of styling my hair multiple ways, using too much hairspray (the bigger the hair the closer to God, right), applying dry shampoo tons of times, and then avoiding shampoo for 3 days straight. When I do end up getting around to washing, this shampoo is critical. It gets all of the product build-up out so that I can start fresh again. I used to get so frustrated when I'd have to shampoo close to 3 times just to get everything out and it still wouldn't feel 100% clean. This, my friends, is a miracle worker.

Marshall Kilburn Portable Speaker


I got this speaker for Christmas 2 years ago but left it at home for freshman year. Who knows why, but anyways, I brought it to school this year and am so happy I did. It's such a cute size and the quality is ON FLEEK. This version doesn't have to be plugged in 24/7 unlike some other versions of the speaker, and you can use the aux cord or Bluetooth. It's pricey, yeah, but it's worth it. Put it on your Christmas list; maybe Santa will hook you up. 

No. 7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream


Y'all, this brand has rocked my world. I have always seen it in the drugstores but didn't really know what it was all about. Well, I'm obsessed and this night cream is everything. When I wake up in the morning I still feel moisturized and can put my makeup right on top. When I say I have really dry skin, I'm not kidding. It's almost impossible to find a moisturizer that does the job, so the fact that I found something from the drugstore that works is amazing. 

Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response Deodorant


Okay, so this kind of weird but I just couldn't skip talking about this deodorant. I feel as if I have tried every deodorant in the drugstore aisle and I struggled to find one that lasted all day and smelled super enjoyable. I even used men's deodorant for a long time, but I was just over smelling like a man and the formula didn't even make that much of a difference. I finally grabbed this one and it's life-changing. Everything about it works. Go get it :)

YETI Rambler 20oz & Straw Lid


I've been a believer in the power of S'well water bottles ever since they became super popular about 2 years ago but after carrying mine around with me last year I realized I was never actually drinking the water. I know this sounds silly, but if I don't have a straw I won't actually drink. Weird, I know. Anyways, I gave up on S'well bottles and picked up a YETI tumbler and purchased the separate top with the straw. Game changer, y'all. This girl is staying hydrated this year & looking cute. 


Ta ta for now! XO