Rent The Runway || My Experience & Tips

Rent The Runway ||  My Experience & Tips

 All throughout high school, I lived for school dances. Like many, my absolute favorite part was getting glam. I would spend months looking for the perfect dress for the event to come. I went to an all girls school which meant I had two proms to attend both my junior and senior year. One for my school and another hosted by our brother school. As you can imagine, purchasing dresses for these occasions became costly. I decided to use Rent The Runway to avoid ending up with 4 prom dresses hanging in my closet that I, unfortunately, wouldn't wear again.

With prom season quickly approaching, I'm hoping a guide to taking advantage of all that Rent the Runway has to offer would be helpful. It can be overwhelming at first, but I'm here to help make things a little less chaotic.

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