The Best of All Beauty Boxes || June Target Beauty Box


Why hello Making Joy and Bliss readers! Long time no blog post! I'm finally back and so excited to get back into it. I've spent the last few months receiving monthly beauty boxes from companies like Birchbox and Ipsy. I have absolutely loved it. There's nothing like the excitement of opening a box full of fresh beauty items to try out. This month I decided to check out Target's monthly box. This is not a subscription like most box services. Target releases a new box on their website each month and reveals everything that's in it so you know exactly what you're getting. I decided to grab the June box mainly because I was frustrated with some of my subscription boxes sending me products that I had no use for. With July approaching, I thought it would be fun to tell you all about the June box in case you were interested in snagging this month's.


I am seriously caught in a battle between wanting to wear sunscreen for protection because skin cancer is no joke, and then wanting to bake in the sun to achieve a gorgeous tan. This sunscreen is the cutest size and can be kept in my bag all summer so there's no excuse for not wearing protection! This smells incredible, y'all. For me, the most important thing when it comes to a sunscreen is that it doesn't leave a sticky white cast on my skin. I'm excited about this product because it's completely sheer and very moisturizing too!

Masque Bar Soothing Sheet Mask


I can't believe this mask came in this box. It retails for $3.49! And the entire box was only $8! I did try the mask, and I'm not sure that I would buy it for myself, it was definitely just average, but I did enjoy the fact that a soothing mask came in the box! For the price, I'm pleasantly surprised.

Schick Hydro Silk Razor


I just about screamed when I saw this razor in the box. Sounds silly, I know, but the Schick Hydro Silk razors are my absolute favorite, so I was really excited that one arrived in this beauty box. I really hope anyone else who received this box this month loved this razor as much as I do. I have never ever cut myself when using this product, and it really does lock in moisture so when I get out of the shower my legs aren't begging for lotion. Y'all, go try this razor-- you'll love it.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioner


One thing that I've really been focusing on this summer is taking care of my hair. In the past, I've totally damaged my hair by constantly using heat. I mean, I curled or straightened my hair almost every single day. After a long winter season of frizzy, static-y, frustrating hair, I decided that this summer I'd show my locks a little more love. I've been using this Aussie 3 Minute Miracle deep conditioner a ton on the ends of my hair ever since I received the box. I usually only apply deep conditioner on my ends, because if I go anywhere near my roots my hair will end up being greasy (no matter how much I rinse). I definitely plan on repurchasing.

John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray


In addition to deep conditioning my hair, going heat-less has been extremely important when it comes to repairing my hair. I've used the Not Your Mother's Beach Babe sea salt spray since before I can remember, so I was excited to find this in the Target box. Is it weird that I didn't even know John Frieda was a drugstore brand? Anyways, I'd say this was fun to try, but to be completely honest, I'm planning to stick to Not Your Mother's. Not only is it less expensive, but it gives me a more gritty, salt feel than this John Frieda spray. If you like a more subtle feel, then this is your product, girl! Now go grab it!

Sinful Colors in Island Coral


Nothing like receiving a fresh nail polish in a fun summer color! I usually gravitate towards OPI and Essie colors, but it was fun to add this one to my collection. Only $8 and a full-size nail polish is included? Dang, I think that's nuts ;)

NYX Gotcha Covered Waterproof Concealer


The final product in my Target Beauty Box was this NYX concealer. Now, this isn't just any concealer, it's waterproof. I didn't even realize this until I went swimming the first day that I tried it, wiped my eyes multiple times, and the product did not move. I mean, I had to go in with a Neutrogena wipe to get this sucker off. Usually, I wear a waterproof concealer from Lancôme, which I love, but this one is half the price and works just as well. Did I mention this product is FULL SIZE? Retails for $6.

- Get the July Box -

If after reading this post you're interested in grabbing the July box, you can do so here! Online it says that it is unavailable, so when they do launch the box I'll let y'all know on my Instagram, @makingjoyandbliss, so you don't miss it! The boxes go FAST.